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  1. Looking to paint the house this spring. should i brush roll or spray? it alum sideing in good shape. i can buy a sprayer for 200.oo at lowes or should i just rent? im working alone so its gonna take a few day. any advise would be helpful

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    If your doing siding rent a good sprayer from Sherwin Williams. Those $200.00 are OK but a good machine will give you a much better paint job, that will last a lot longer. I paint on the side and have a machine like I suggest you rent. You'll find it's quicker and much better. A normal 2 story should take about 3 days from start to finish if your doing one coat. add another day or so if you put 2 coats on. Good luck.

  3. Spray it. It'll look nicer, and you'll have it done in half the time.
  4. Byg


    I just did mine last spring,
    I cleaned it with trisodium phoshate and a brush on a pole then rinsed with pressure washer. I used one of the wagner airless sprayers where you put your hose in the 5gal bucket worked great..2 things I suggest, wear a mask I got sicker than a dog (respiratory crap)didnt even know I was breathing anything. Get someone to move your paint as you go so you dont have to stop spraying, this was a big help..also use the right tip for the spray gun
    Mine turned out great I used sherwin williams super paint
    Good Luck