housatonic river, CT

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  1. I have to go to Conn. in early dec for a conference. Ill be there for two weeks and want to know if anyone has ever fished the Housatonic River. Ive heard its great trout fishing but looking for any other info. Thanks for any help.
  2. Worked in CT a few years back and fished the Housy and Farmington quite a bit. Housy is beuatiful the further up you go and has some good fishing for smallies/pike ect..... also a decent trout fishery. If trout is what you seek check out the Farmington. Great river and plenty of access. I met alot of really great people on the Farmington. Good fishing on both flies and spinning gear(meal worms).

    CT has a bunch of great fishing resources from Ocean to Mts. This is where I was first introduced to ice fishing.

    I almost forgot they used to have an Atlantic Salmon stocking program while I was there and they released the brood stock for fishing around the time that you will be there in a few select areas.

    Let me know if you have specific questions

  3. I am going to be in the Milford area. Is this where you are familiar with?
  4. I stayed in Meridan and worked in Waterbury.

    The Northwest part of the state is really beautiful and has some great fishing. You can drive across the state in what seems like a blink compared to OH. Check the Naugatuck river for the Salmon near Beacon Falls.

    I almost forgot they have a website similar to this one called ctfishermen.com that I used alot and got some great help from members.
  5. No worries.

    Enjoy your trip and let us know how you did.