Hot weather means hot action!

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  1. Its the time of year when I put down some of my other outfits ( bait, cat, smallie, spin, trout, etc) and pick up the fly rod and chase my favorite hot weather species, the long nose gar. Been out a few times looking for bigger fish and took a 6 lber 2 weeks ago and went back last Wednesday, ( the hottest day of the year so far) to a new place with a buddy of mine Ron Lewis, a fellow Miami Valley Fly Fishermen club member. We hit a oxbow pond that looked like a good gar pond but as we paddled around in the hottest part of the day, we didnt see hardly any bluegills in the place and we took that as a good sign that some bigger gar were around, we had started with some streamers and after a while we found a nice shady spot along the bank and had a 1/2 dozen gar follow and strike at Rons streamer so we changed it up and and tied on some of my almost famous rope flies I call the " Toothy Tangler", we continued to paddle around looking for cruising gar in the shady edges of the pond, long story short, Ron took a dandy at 42" and 6.8 lbs and then I took a PB at 48" and 9 lbs 9 oz. Both fish taken with either a 5 or a 6 wt rod, 10 lb mono leaders and rope flies. Once hooked we paddled them to a sand bar to get pics and unhook them. (both released BTW)

    Since tomorrow is and may be the hottest day of the summer, we are headed back out tomorrow afternoon to see if we can get some bigger ones.

    Here is a link to the pics. Enjoy!

  2. Great pics! your going to have to show me how to make those rope lures:p

  3. Utard


    Holy crap. And to think, I thought about catching one of those once [​IMG]

    Maybe I'll pick up a safer sport like sky diving, or alligator wrestling.

    Seriously, very nice pics. Looks like fun!
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    Nice fish, I have been thinking the same thing I have seen some smaller fish cruising the shallow's along the pools and riffle the last few time out and hooked up a couple on streamer but have not targeted them yet this year. This is the time though for sure. Last year saw tons in one or two holes inparticular that would be easy pickins. I usually us a 20 to 40 lb hard mono, am I over kill. Sound like it if your using 10, What type or brand do you use. Thanks and nice fishies. S
  5. 7X, I usually use 10-12 lb straight mono or if I have it, like 1x or 0x tippet, I like Maxima or Climax stuff, it all works fine, now the leader should be short, freshly tied and since most of the action is near the surface down to mid depths, the leader should not pick up many nicks, always retie or check after each fish. Could I go heavier,? certainly as the fish are not line shy at all since they are the top preadator in the pool you can splat it down right on top of them, they dont care but will spook if you line the body.
    Another thing to remember is that the teeth which you can see in the pics, are conical so the points are needle sharp but typically will not cut your line ( just like a walleye) but if they twist you around, there gill plates and scales will cut your line. I think in maybe 100 plus fish I have caught on the fly, that I may have broke off 3 of them, 1 was a bad knot, 1 was after I dropped one and he scrabled all over th erock and got back into the water and then broke me off and the last one was when I used much lighter tippet, ( I learned a lesson when I swapped a popper right to a gar fly without shortening the leader ( IE lazy)

    Id certainly trade you a trip to your water with a lesson on how to do it and you to join me one day on my water, we need to chat about other things in life as well. Let me know when your free to get out, early Sunday perhaps??

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    Thanks, Thanks for the info. Sundays I open the shop at noon so an early day could work, This Sunday myself and river king are heading out with sains and speciman bottles in search of critters to use as edgucational tools. Monday I am closed so that is my best fishing day. I would love to get out though. I may start opening the shop later at 11am during the week and that would allow for a little more time in the mornings for me. Let me know if any these time's fit your schedule.
    I use the maxima for butt sections so I have some to give it a trie. SHould improve my catch to snub ratio. Thanks again S