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    Has anyone ever fished there this time of year. I go down there in late Jan. early Feb. and hook into a steelhead every now and then. Its not fast at all. one in about 600 cast. Just wondering if anyone else has had any luck.
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    There are warm water discharges at about any power plant on the big lake. Where are you talking about?

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    If it's near Toledo you won't catch very many steelhead...But I think you're talking about the place they call "HotWater". Near Miller road in Sheffield. I've fished there a bunch and have done real well off the pier. Only a few times have I done well near the discharge near the plant and I have done real well on the intake side with a boat in Oct. Pm me if you want to know what I do off the pier. Or talk to Craig at Erie Outfitters right down the road. He taught me what to do there.
  4. Is it Bayshore Rd you may be talking about? In the eastern part of Toledo-Oregon. I've seen fish caught there, eyes, steelhead, carp, cats. I've never had any luck. Couple of guys from the FAR EAST like the old snag and drag routine, in fact the drive a light blue Honda(imagine that) minivan and pull a small boat sometimes behind it. Good luck if you go.
  5. the bayshore discharge has been poor fishing and unfriendly neighbors for me every time I have been there. If you want to go after steelhead make the drive east. do not waste your time at bayshore.