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Hot Tub Info Needed

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. I just bought a new house that has a hot tub in it. Problem is I dont know how to maintain it, and I am afraid to go to the hot tub store and tell them I dont know anything and end up with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff I dont need. We drained it and cleaned it, filled it back up, so whats next.

    Also we cannot get the jets to work, the blowers work and makes big bubbles, but the jets that are inbedded in the seats do not work. Any ideas?

    Any info is appreciated.
  2. I'm not much help, but I was looking into buying one a while back. There's a lot of sites out there that will tell you how to maintain them. There may be a site that can help with the jets too. There wouldn't happen to be something that turns them on/off, would there?

  3. CreekFloater

    CreekFloater Have Water, Will Fish

    I have a hot tub and each of the jets in mine has the ability to be turned clockwise and counterclockwise to turn the jets on and off. A lot of people seem to just like the air bubbles and maybe they have shut the jets off. I would recommend looking up the manufacturer on the Net and see if they can't give you some info.
    As far as maintaining it, you first need to determine if you want to go with chlorine or bromine as your main disinfecting chemical. I personnally have used both, but not go only with bromine, which I buy in tablets. You might need something to keep the mineral deposits down if the water is hard, and maybe even a chemical which cuts down on the foam. All of this in about a 2-3 month supply shouldn't run you more than about 30 to 40 bucks. How much it is used will determine how much chemical you go through. Another secret is to clean the filter out every now and then. That will help reduce the chemical need. Deoderants, perfumes, lotions all are things which will require you using more chemical.
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    cant say for sure on the jets but are they on a different pump than the blowers if so check see if that pump is coming on if not may be a breaker on that pump or motor problem, could also be bad valve on the jet piping but don't freak out i don't know much about hot tubs other than theres not alot to them couple pumps couple motors and some thermostats. as for up keep assume like pool keep certian ph and cholorine levels some one else on here will ring in and help iam sure
  5. What's the make/model of the tub? You might possibly have a flow problem, its common when the tubs are filled, sometimes you have to use a special hose attachment when filling them. As far as chemicals go, I would use Baqua Spa. ( )The initial start up cost will be a little more hefty than other methods, but the advantages of Baqua by far out weigh the price differential, Baqua is much gentler on the skin, eyes, hair and the program is much easier to maintain than lets say a Chlorine, Bromine, or Nature 2 mineral system.
  6. OK, thanks for all the info, at least we know a bit more, Hopefulll we can get it running well, I cant wait to use it.
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    I also have a Hot tub. And maintenance is critical, otherwise it can totally destroy the hot tub. There are lots of situations that would determine how often you have to check/add chemicals. Some big contributing factors is 1) how often you use it 2) whether you shower before using it 3)if you let kids use it (because they are notorious for putting their hair under, which creates foam! and they also splash water out of the tub so you have to add more) 4)The quality of your lid (if it is not a good seal, then you will lose alot of water through evaporation. And when you add water, you change the chemical makeup, which means that you have to check all your levels, and adjust them as necessary every time that you add water.)
    Minimally, you need to check the levels once a week.
    As for you not getting any bubbles. Could be your breaker tripped, or maybe a bad blower motor? Do you have any water circulation at all?
    I use the Bacqua Spa chemicals. Everything is clearly labeled. It's critical to follow the exact instructions, otherwise you will end up with a mess.
    It is a big commitment, but nothing is nicer than jumping in the hot tub in the middle of winter with snowflakes falling all around you and breathing in the crisp air while your body is boiling below you! It's really quite invigorating. Then again, so are naked snow angels! lol :eek:
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    Lots of good information here. I've had a hot tub now for over 12 years and I will always have one. Mine has an ozonator which helps a lot with reducing chemical use. It's a good idea to use the strips to check PH and chlorine or bromine levels often until you get the hang of it. It's easy, dude.I have chemicals for raising or lowering PH that I have had for years, I use chlorine bleach to sanitize. When I clean the filter I soak it in a dishwasher detergent(it won't foam) solution overnight then spray off with hose. I have two filters so I always have a clean one. The older models need more care but if you stay after it, it is pretty easy. I don't know where you are located but Scioto Valley on Columbus west side is one of the biggest around and will have everything you need. The suggestion about the internet is a good one since there are some good deals and lots of information out there. Have fun!
  9. Turn it into a bait tank. All that aeriation should keep anything that swims in good shape. :rolleyes: :D :) ;)