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Hot Tub Electric Help

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. In the house we just bought we have a hot tub inside. I had to have a guy come out to fix a switch, and when he did he noticed that my GFCI switch does not work properly. If you push it in, it stops, but does not stay off if you let go. He didnt seem worried too much by it, but I cannot help but feel weird about it, and I cannot be comfortable with my family using it. My question is, is this something I can do myself? Is it just like installing one in the bathroom with unplugging wires, putting new switch in and hooking wires back up, or is it more technical? I know I need a switch for 220v hookup, but am unsure if the switch in a hot tub is the same as what you would install in the wall.

    Anyone have any ideas or experience with spas/hot tubs?
  2. Elamenohpee

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    Well I dun no much bout legtizity cepn fer I woont tri fixin it wile I were in it :D

  3. hmmm, thanks, I guess
  4. 220v Gfi Outlets Are Basicly The Same As 110. There Should Be A Double Pull Type Breaker In Your Panel Box. 110v Each Side.most Hot Tubs I Thought Used There Own Plug Being It 110 Or 220. I Dont Know If They Make A 15amp Outlet But They Do Make A 30. The Only Problem Is Unless You Have A Meter To Test That The Curciut Is Dead I Would Not Touch It! Theres No Room For A Mistake And I Dont Blame You For Not Feeling Good About Anyone Using It!
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    There should be a breaker in the main box and the tub should have its own GFI breaker. They are basically the same. You should be ok if you're just replacing the old assuming the old one was hooked up correctly. Those big amp GFI breakers are pricey too. Good luck!
  6. Yeah, the tub has its own GFI in the control box, thats what I want to replace. Thanks
  7. Fish4Fun

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    Olwhitee, it would be the same as far as installation just make sure the POWER IS OFF. There are some great guys here with some good advice but also everyone needs to remember that this is a fishing site and any and all electrical advice they recieve and use they are doing so at there own risk. And that OGF can in no way be held liable for any misfortunes or accidents caused by advice given on this forum. So be very carefull and make sure you know what you are doing before you do it. Because electric can kill even 120 volts.