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hot terminal on marine battery

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Danshady, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. i was fishing the other night at hoover. when all the sudden my trolling motor and fishfinder shut off, i did not hit anything i was in open water. i have an inline fuse attached to the positive terminal to protect my fishfinder if i ever do hit something with the trolling motor and cause some kind of surge. btw, this is just a simple marine battery hooked up very simply to a trolling motor with a fishfinder wired in with an inline fuse, nothing complicated. anyways the other night the positive terminal on the battery really about knocked me out the boat is was sooooooo hot. i was just gonna tighten the screws on it, it cooled very fast and everything started working fine. what could be some possiblities for this to happen, is my battery goin dead? it was fully charged when i left but it did not have much juice in it when i came home though, it usually stays pretty charged up all day, i can run my motor and ff easily 8 hours of normal fishin, i was only out the other night for 4.5 hours.
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    did you check your cables for loose fit at the connectors/fittings?if they are a little loose,they can overheat.not sure what else may cause it,but that's a problem i've had before.
    you might check your prop if you haven't.if line gets in it and binds,it could cause the motor to get hot and possibly the wire.

  3. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    it was a bad connection as you stated it was loose?? bad connection +high amp draw. i have seen + cables on a car glow and melt from a bad starter. a coroded connection will do the same. always use some dielectric grease on all your connections including the pins on your fishfinder and battery cables and even trailer light bulbs. all this help to eliminate problems in a wet damp enviroment.
  4. ok yea, i was hoping it just was a loose connection, glad it wasnt some big giant problem. it started working well after i let it cool and tightened it. but there was just a tad bit of corrosion after that, i brushed it off with a wire brush it was just a little dad, it has never had it before so i figured it was just cuz it got hot. so i can put this dielectric grease on the battery cable post b4 i screw it to the battery? and this may sound, stupid but i have never heard of that grease b4, where can you buy it at?
  5. and with the high amp draw, now that you mention it, i was running at full speed troll at the time.
  6. Eriesteamer

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    Freyednot gave you good advice.I worked on cars and all that stuff.To the grease ?? beats me as I never heard of any buy name.but let me tell you this.grease will burn so if you use it and it does same again it will catch fire.My way = Clean terminals with sand paper to clean as new.Then you go auto zone get those red green battery terminal anti corusion preventers and use them.There felt treated washers and will work best.make sure the termenals are tight.all will be at its best.if you need clean terminals.My secret way.use Coke the pop ( baking soda too).This will neutralize acid on em plus help clean em.soak them in it then clean with wire brush or sand paper.rap paper around finger and sand inside them.coarase take them off batterie.they will clean up good.just maybe they are not up to par and why they heat up.hope you get it rite.
  7. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    erie , will that dielectric grease burn??? on the battery i use a spray made by crc to prevent corroisen.
  8. Eriesteamer

    Eriesteamer BORN TO RIDE THE WAVES

    Hi now to burn and grease.I have seen grease fires and there hard put out.most would put lots on them with finger out can.thats a no that spray can stuff. mmmm. know what I use if any grease at all.silicone spry can if you can find it.I get mine threw a T V parts supplyer.cost a fortune but is silicone spry.Oil more then a grease.most as WD 40 have no silicone and I was told WD 40 burns.As it is Oil.Now if you do use a spray think it be light coat thus likely O K.those Anti corosion washers at auto zone work like a charm.last 2 years or better.well thats my report on that batteries cable thing.You seem to know lot on every thing.I see you reply to others post and most are rite you beat me to adding my 2 cents on the issues.but then O K with me.longs one of us gives them some off the shoulder info.Keep it up.We need more in here that know there stuff.
  9. thanks guys, im headin to auto zone, the anti corrosion preventers sounds like a good idea. i keep the terminal clean already they have never really been dirty, but i have sanded them once or twice and the cable connectors, but im goin to do it again and then add the acp's to it and it should do the trick! this site has helped me several times with not only fishing spots and techniques but things that keep me from being a gps marker/fish structure on the lake bottom haha
  10. I don't believe that dielectric grease will burn although I have never tried it. It is a silicone based grease that allows electric current to passs through easily while preventing corrosion. You can buy it at any parts store. It is used a lot on light bulbs and spark plug wires. If the parts guy doesn't know what you are asking for, ask for spark plug boot grease and they might figure it out!