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Hot Doe in Feb?

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Papascott, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. I was driving back to work after lunch yesterday. I notice 6 deer hauling butt across a picked bean field. So I pulled over to watch them. They ended up crossing the road two feet in front of me. 5 does and an 8 pt. The buck had his nose so close to the last does rear end if she would of stopped he would had been in up to his shoulders. This was a small doe so I am wondering if she was just a late bloomer or possiblely did not breed earlier so recycling? Is it common for a doe to be in estrous this late in the year or for a buck to have it antlers even seemed odd as I thought most would be shed by now.

  2. The does will continue to come back in to estrus approximately every 28 days until she has been successfully bred. So this doe apparently was either overlooked in prior cycles or for some freak reason may not have come in until very late. My guess is that you probably have an awful lot of does around there and it is taking an extra ciycle or two for some to get bred.

    The shed of the antlers is controlled by hormone activity within the buck. This buck evidently still had a reason to keep the hormones brewing. The fact that he is still carrying his antlers seems consistent with the breeding activity that you witnessed.

    Breeding this late in the season is not a good thing for the fawns to come from it. They will be extremely young and weak when winter comes and probably will not survive a winter.