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Hot Bite at CJ Brown

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Doctor, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    The cats are on a hot bite at CJ Brown along with the White Bass, there has been a hatch of Shad and they are tearing them up, even guys like this little one are jumping on them,

    See the reflection in the background those are all of these type of Shad, schools and schools of them.

    There only about three inches long but that is all these fish will hit


    Fat little guys that are gorging on the rich algea in Cj Brown, very easy to get bait as they were all around the boat, I managed 31 fish from 1pm till 3:30 pm, most were in the 3-5# range had a couple of 8# channels a ten pounder and a 14.3 Bluecat, talk about having a blast, couldn't keep the poles in the water long enough had plenty of doubles go down, boy it would have been real interesting if I would have been able to use more than two rods. They were being real picky, they wanted it cut like this.

    As long as the head and tail were on the hook they would smash it, I kept them in the livewell till I was ready to cut them up.

    Tried the live Shad but the cats wouldn't touch them, the White Bass were in there herding them up, boy they can go nuts on a bunch of Shad, saw a Smallie bust out of the water with a Shad halfway in his mouth, very cool aerial act they put on, the water all around the boat was just boiling with action, I was the only boat back on the north end of the lake.

    Here is a shot of a 8# Channel that had a big tight belly on him, so he was doing a balancing act in the bottom of the boat.


    Another shot of a 3# Channel


    If anybody wants to know specifics send me a pm, I have gps coordinates and I'll give you landmarks to reference from, going out again in the early morning about 4am need to be off the lake no later than 10am, if anybody is on the lake in the morning stop by and say hi or give me a shout on channel 06 on the marine band, most of the fish were caught on mud bottom near some christmas trees..........Doc
  2. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    Cool pictures, thanks for sharing

  3. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Sounds like a great day, let us know how ya do tomorrow.
  4. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Wish that wasn't so far for me, I like that place.
  5. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack


    Never got out of bed, got up at 4am with Lynn when she left for work, looked out at the boat, and heard the bed calling my name:D :D climbed back in bed and just enjoyed sleeping in for a change, plan on going Sunday morning as I'm all rested up, normally work 2nd but they switched me to days for a week and it really knocked me off mt normal schedule.......Doc
  6. Good job Doc!

    I hit that area with the Christmas trees Sunday night right at midnight, but I used much larger shad than you did. I didn't have action like you did but I did get into larger fish. I fished that spot from 12:15 - 1:45 and boated 3; 2#, 4#, 5# and broke 1 good fish off that tangled around the anchor line.

    I was the only boat on the lake @ 2am when I came back to the ramp.
  7. Great job Doc!

    I have been thinking of getting up on Knox Lake here close to me and they have a large hatch of shad as well. I was wanting to net some shad and give it a go. It sounds like now is the time. What do you look for in particular as far as lake structure, etc. when choosing a spot. Do you target shallow flats at night but deeper water during daylight? At least at Knox it is not as simple as finding the shad because they are everywhere you look. So I am just searching for a pattern to go by to start locating them. I have tried catting from my boat a few times but never with any real success. Any advice would be appreciated.

  8. fshman_165

    fshman_165 CJ Eye Hunter

    All of em are feeding like pigs right now. I fished Monday and Tuesday and limited with nice eyes both days. I caught about 4 or 5 nice cats and about 30 whites doing it :D Very light jigs with about 3/4 ths of a crawler. All the fish liked a slow drop, with little to no movement once you reached bottom. I figure they are eating the dead or injured shad that the white bass are just destroying above em. :D
  9. Good job Doc,wish I lived closer :( daryl