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  1. Sorry for an off the wall topic. My Dad had to go to the hospital early this morning for bad chest pains. Luckily he is fine but he has had 5 heart attacks to date, so we don't mess around on any chest pains at all. I thought the service or care at the hospital was rediculous. It was crazy, they have a ton of nurses for the ER but only one doctor assigned to the ER and last night they were very busy andhad paitients in beds sitting out in the hallways. They took my dad's blood along with 2 others who were there for chest pains and they sent the blood to the lab for tests. Said it would only be an hour. Ended up being 4. I realize they do get busy. There was just tooooo many things I observed while I was there that didnt seem right to me. Does anyone know if you can file a complaint to someone or is it even worth it. This really aggravated me.
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    having 1 er doctor is more common than you might think.alot of hospitals(like alot of other businesses) have made major cutbacks.
    when the number of patients in an emergency room grows,it's necessary for the staff to bring in extra beds(and put them in the hallways) because there are no more rooms available.
    when they get busy like this the time it takes to be seen by a doctor increases because it is necessary for the staff to triage patients.basically it's "first come,first served" unless a more serious patient comes in.
    it's a bummer to have to wait,but an er staff would never make someone wait needlessly.



    some of it might depend on the time of day too. i see u never posted what time u was there. u might have more er doctors during the day time than u would have say at 2 am or 3 am. plus it might depend on the size of the hospital too. glad to hear that your dad is ok though
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    I'll just add to what the others have said. As we are all (or were:D ) Fire Fighters this is something we have all seen. Not uncommon at all. There is a lot that you don't see that may have decided who was the most critical and needed seen the fastest. An EKG was used I am sure and if the blood had something show up they would have called down as soon as the results were done. Lots of times they check the test and just send it down when they have all the test done if it's not an emergency.
    So I guess a simple answer is -- Yes you could but I dought you'd have a case at all. I've taken patiences in that I thought were critical and found out they were treated, or checked and observed then later cleared to go home.
    Glad you Dad is better, I understand how you feel though as I have both been in your shoes and also been in the ER as a patient and thought the same thing. Sounds to me they took care of him even if it seemed like they were ignoring him.
  5. I took my girlfriend to the local hospital a few months back. We sat in the waiting room for two hours. Finally, a nurse walked up and told us unless she thinks she's dying, we should go home, because the wait time was well over eight hours. We ended up going home. A week later, my girlfriend got a bill for over $800 for an emergency room visit. I called them up, and told them kindly that they could go pound salt, and my girlfriend was never even seen by a doctor, and that we never got past the waiting room. They told me to tell her to tear the bill up. I told them that I already did.

    It's getting ridiculous.
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    2 yrs ago in Detroit my Dad was taken by ambulance from his home with a full blown heart attack. My mom drove from elsewhere to the hospital, while in the hallway on a gurney with only mom by his side he died. Mom noticed he wasnt doing so well right before he died and yelled/went to get help and they brought him back. Today he is doing well and all is good, had my mom not made it there in time I wonder how long he would have been in the hallway before someone found him. I know they can only do so much and they aint perfect but that time was just rediculous.I am just glad to live close to smaller hospitals that dont get too busy and have careflight to be able to come in when I finally need a bigger bandaid then they can handle.
  7. Thanks for the replys fellas. It was between 2-3am Friday morning. One of my concerns was when they sent his blood to the lab they said the results should be back in an hour and it ended up taking close to 4. I'm sitting there with my Dad, luckily he was fine but we had his curtain pulled closed for privacy and about 4 hours later I heard the doctor say "where are those results from the lab?" one fo the nurses said they havnt seen them, so he calls the lab and they tell him they had just received the blood a half hour ago and the doctor said no it was sent up there 4 hours ago someone from your dept. signed for it. So the doctor in the ER says what is going on and the guy says oh our computer crashed. So the ER doctor gets off the phone and I hear him telling his nurse about getting the run around. That is crazy to me. Then this lady is brought in because of chest pains as well and she was in serious pain, I heard her tell the nurse she already took 4 nitos and no relief. She was one of the ones in the hall that I could see from where I was. She started puking pretty bad and it was about 10 minutes before anyone came over to check on her and I saw nurses look her way and continue talking to one another about the house they had just sold. I saw that and was just concerned. I don't mean to gripe but that was crazy.
  8. The hospital I work in (no I'm not a nurse) has what is called a patient advocate. I would write a letter expressing your concerns and put in exactly what happened and all that you overheard. You should receive some sort of reply back. If nothing else, it's like I tell someone when they complain about ours. If you don't say ANYTHING, then NOTHING will change. Maybe your letter will prompt them to re-evaluate the ER staffing. It is the rule that the more urgent ones come first, but by no means should anyone be made to feel ignored. Even as an employee, I have had problems. If you cannot find out who to address it to, shoot me a PM. I have had OUR advocate find the proper people before.
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    Something sure don't sound right. I have been in your dads shoes more times than I care to remember and have never had care delayed no matter how busy the hospital has been. I would say within 10 min of arrival I've had an ekg, and have people surrounding me putting IV's in both arms and prepping me for the cath lab or other treatment.
  10. yes it is very common to have only one er doctor what hospital was it . I work in an er and we only have one doctor on at a time . and i must agree with DALEM .evrything he said was right on there are alot of things that put the patients in order to be seen ekg blood work blood pressure. If something major was going on he would have been treated faster. glad to hear he is ok .
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    Spooner hit it on the head. If you don't mention it then it will not get fixed. Unfortunately with all the cuts Hospitals have come into they have become reactive instead of proactive. I work in a Heart Cath Lab and would hate to think a hospital is not following a standard chest pain protocol. Time is muscle in our business! The longer you wait to reopen a vessel the more heart muscle you have lost. I would definately contact the patient advocate of that facility and let your experience be known.