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horwood lake /groundhog river??

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by rac123, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. hey guys, anybody been up around Folyet or Chapleau to fish yet this year?? :cool: thinking about making a trip up before Labor day or might combine bear and fishing?
  2. been thier ,,,,,,done that......toooooooo....long of drive for the fishing you get pass up alot before you get there.......... .river runt

  3. thanks! maybe will turn left at the soo and to thessalon! thanks again!
  4. a lot of years ago I hunted moose in that area with good success. we were actually on Ivanhoe lake. One spring a buddy and I went bear hunting in that area, didnot get a bear. Mornings we fished the Ivanhoe river and caught fish on most everycast. Pickeral and Northern pike are abundant.This area is awesome and I would like to return some day to spend more time. Good luck and enjoy one of my favorite areas.
  5. RAC123,

    I just thought would remind you that you better turn right at Soo if you want to get to Thessalon.;) :D Thessalon is almost an hour from the bridge at Soo. I can attest to that one as I have made the trip 8-9 times.

    We go to Bright Lake just on the other side of Thessalon. It is a fairly small lake with decent fishing for walleye (except this year) and fair to poor pike fishing in my estimate. There are some nice pike in the lake but in recent years the numbers are very low. There are some hawg largemouth in there as well but again the numbers on them are pretty low. The smallies are much the same story.
    I am looking for info on other lakes in the Thessalon area as well since we are really stuck with Bright Lake as a location for now. I have relatives who own a cottage on the lake. I was curious as to whether you had any other lakes in mind in the area? And whether you have any time on them?

    I think the bear are in decent numbers in that area as well. The trick around there would probably be finding somewhere to hunt. I have never looked into it but most of the area we are in is private.

    Good luck to you and I am interested to see how you do on fishing if you make it out.