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Horse Story

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by trucked, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Well, I went down to Tenn last weekend to visit my brothers widow and kids. She has 17 horses. We took a ride about a mile away to another friends house that I new and lo and behold their Mare, Bonnie, was in labor.

    She was having a hard time and the colt started to come out with only one leg out. They were going to call the Vet but I told them that the colt would be dead before he got there. I had to do the only thing that I knew that I was trained for years ago when I had horses. (25yrs ago).

    Well, in 106 degrees feels like temp, I pull my t-shirt off and reach up Bonnies cavity and grabbed the other leg and moved it out her opening and then went in and turned the colts head toward the opening and I pulled him out to safety.

    Then I had to break the sac and clean out his nostrils and blow into them and get him breathing. Bonnie, the Mare saw what I was doing and lifted her head up and reached back and bumped the colts chest while I was blowing into him. He took his first breath and I pulled the rest of the sac off him and Bonnie stood up and started to clean him off.

    After about a half hour I lifted him to a standing position. Then I worked him over to her teets and thats all he needed to smell and feel. He started suckling right away. I left them alone.

    WELL!!! my buddy says to me that he owes me for saving the colt for him. Guess what,,,, he GIVES me his 1 1/2 yr old filly that I was giving love to a bit before all that birthing stuff. She is beautiful.

    Her registered name is, The Players Comanche. She is a registered Standard Bred horse and also registered with the Racking Horse Association as well as the Paint Horse Association.

    She is truly beautiful. Lily sure loves her new horse.

    NOW,, MY question is this,


    We will take care of her and be there everyday before and after school to turn her out and let her in. We will pay for all feed and vet stuff. I just need a stall or paddock to keep her in out of the weather.

    We will do it all. Nobody has to do anything else. Just a place to keep her.

    Anyone offering a place to board/keep????? Comanche is NOT the new born obviously. She is the one I am hugging. MORE PICTURES.

  2. very cool story . I would love to have a horse but living in the big city blows that one lol

  3. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    great story, great outcome:)
  4. Good job Steve. wish I knew somebody with a place for you to keep her.
  5. Nice job Truck, it brought a tear to my eye...not quite but a touching story for any horse owners, sorry we dont live closer, could probably arrange a stall for you. Just a little long of a commute to the other side of Dayton

    Good luck with finding a home for er!

  6. WB185Ranger

    WB185Ranger Gotta Love Odie!

    What a wonderful story Trucked! What a Blessing that you were there right at that moment and knew what to do. Its totally awesome to help a little stud colt or filly into the world. What does Lilly call her new horse? I love the picture with your arm around her :) WB
  7. EE


    awesome job Steve, that is a terrific story.
  8. Micro_Mini_Angler

    Micro_Mini_Angler live-2-fish

    glad to hear the horse is ok, good thing you were there. you must feel very good about yourself. awesome story
  9. Trucked, I've got a friend with a small horse farm in Sunbury, he'd probably want a monthly fee to board it, I'll call him and see if he has anything available and how much??? Is Sunbury too far???

  10. Actually I live in Powell so it shouldn't be that far going across Polaris Pkwy to Sunbury rd and then left up to Sunbury. Probably about as far as I would go over to 161 and then East to Worthington to another place there that I am waiting to hear from.

    Have you contacted him yet?:D

    Hey WB, Bigun, EE and everyone else, thanks for the kudos but I did what had to be done. So far I have had my arm up 300lb hogs, 1000lb Black Angus cows, Horses and a couple of dogs. It seems that with the cows and hogs I had to be there when the were birthing, but with the horses and dogs I just was there because they were mine. Course keep in mind all this was taking place about 25- 30 yrs ago.


    Anyway, I'll say it again, thanks people for the kudos.

    BTW, WB I thought I mentioned the Fillies name in the letter? The Players Comanche

    Her bloodline can be traced back 100 yrs to several champions. If you go to my picture site on "Flickr" you can view more pics of the new foal and Comanche too.
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  11. Thanks partner, just a bit too far to go everyday.:( :(