hope you enjoy the fishing while you can.

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  1. dont forget, these guys are trying to get into northeast ohio.
    also, everytime you buy a TFO rod youre economically supporting a man who endorses taking away public fishing waters for private use.


    HAVENS; The Lure Of Private Waters

    Members say they have found not only a private enclave where they can indulge their fishing habit, but a model for the future of fly-fishing, which has become a victim of its own success, with streams overpopulated by people and underpopulated by fish.

    "Not that there wasn't some grumbling along the river," said Lefty Kreh, at 80 an influential fishing writer and teacher, and a charter member of Spring Ridge. "A lot of these landowners had just opened up their streams to anyone with a fishing license before, and people began to think they were public waters."

  2. this has already been discussed and it has been stated that lefty does not speak for TFO. frankly i like tfo and will continue to use and recomend thier product, lefty has more than enough money to support his opinions without tfo. there are betters ways to fight against private clubs than not buying a $100 fishing rod, also there are other ways and places we are losing our access and right now i dont think we are going to lose ohio land to these people. plus as much as i dont like losing access i would rather have that private land that was probably private in the first place to someone who actually stocks and manages the water than to someone who does nothing with it. private clubs on the mad havn't seemed to cause much of a problem to my knowlege(i could be wrong) but they are the reason that i have a chance of possibly lucking into a bow or even a brookie while fishing on puplic water, and i like that slim chance being there.
    atleast right now its fisherman buying up the access and not peta
  3. Easy answer, buy a kayak or a canoe and float their private waters. I did that for the lmr. Ronnie