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Hope this wasn't a OGF family member

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mikie_fin, Jul 28, 2005.

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    Fishermen Rescued After Waves Slam Boat Into Cliff
    Man Tossed Into Water During Bass Fishing Tournament

    POSTED: 3:47 pm EDT July 27, 2005

    CLEVELAND -- Rough conditions on Lake Erie caused some tense moments for some bass fisherman Wednesday, when their boat struck a cliff by the Miller Boat Dock.
    The men were rescued from the choppy waters, but their $40,000 fishing boat wasn't so lucky, NewsChannel5 reported.
    During the Everstart Bass Fishing Tournament, 6-foot waves filled one boat, and another boat tried to tow it safely to shore.
    West Virginia angler Marshall Honaker said other bass tournament contestants made it back before the high waves rolled in, but his custom fishing boat was left to toss about in the choppy water, slamming into the rocks.
    The towing rope broke in the heavy waves.
    Emergency Medical Services were called to the scene, and off-duty Cleveland firefighters played a key role in rescuing Honaker's fishing partner, Ken Kartesz, who was thrown into Lake Erie by the waves and was forced to climb out onto the rocks.
    Kartesz's and Honaker's boat is a total loss. The pair said the Lake Erie waves crept up on them in less than three minutes.
    The pair was knocked out of the tournament, but feel lucky to escape with just a foot injury.
    The bass fishing tournament will continue on Lake Erie for the next three days. First prize is $60,000.