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  1. Id like to know if anyone else is having this occurance lately i have had large shad actually hit my lures i mean knockin um. If anybody else has had this happen please let me know. If these suckers are gona continue this trend fishins gona get tough. Ive been fishin the ohio river a lota years and since this has just begun for me anyway thought i would ask

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    Probably skipjack herring and not shad.

  3. I started feeling those "nicks" on spoons and grubs at the Greenup Dam during the summer. At first I didn't know what it was, so I moved down to smaller hook and started catching skipjack.
  4. though i have had large shad "eat" lures (probably snagged in the mouth) i agree with the others, we had a very large year class of skippies this year, and i have had them try and eat some big baits already
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    Very possible to be a Mooneye, as we catch them on Sabiki's alot and they do resemble a Shad while in the water, Skipjacks look like downsized Tarpon. Mooneyes I consider better bait than Skipjacks, I know that may be hard to believe but a Mooneye is real oily even if it not cut with a knife, they will leave a oil slick in the water as you pull them up and the only place I have been able to get them is at dams and water discharges.

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    Crocodile was out on the river trwo wks ago and landed two shad,not skips, of 18" and they actually swallowed his fly.
    I have shad in Buck creek hit while fishing WB.That creek is clear enough that you can watch them peel away from the school and chase your fly down till they hit it.TC1
  7. 18" shad? i didnt realize they got that big. 18"s that filetable?:confused:
  8. Here's a lunker mooneye caught on jig'n tail, my son Kyle complained of his hand stinking for days!
    I'm thinking mooneyes and not shad, though I've seen some around 15+ " before, watched a video "Monster Stripes" and Tim Adrien was cast netting shad close to the 18" range in TN.

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    I once caught a shad on a minnow on the bottom at Indian and an 18" shad at grand lake is common place after ice off and there are bigger ones than that too.
  10. I've had big gizzard shad eat my chicken liver before. I've also had them peck at wheaties. I put on the smallest hook I had in my box and put a small bite of wheaties on there and actually caught one. I've caught quill backs on corn but I guess that is nothing but a big sucker minnow. As for the skippies and mooneyes, I've caught both. The mooneyes are very pretty with big eyes and very silver sides. I wish they were more abundant. The skipjacks are more numerous and look like small tarpon. They jump and carry on. They are hard to get in if they are jumping. It's hard to keep a hook in them. They make great bait either cut or live. Wow LMJ, that is a big mooneye. I've caught smaller ones, about 8 inches.
  11. nope they were shad LOL i hope they dont get too hungry. shad that size might make for a fun day on the water but i dont think you ever get the smell off yerself
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    I caught several shad on lures over the summer. Strange, never had that happen before.