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hoovers spillway sunday

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fish4wall, Aug 23, 2004.

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  1. me and a bud hit the spillway early sunday.
    i ended up with 2 nice was 17in and the other was 19in. :D
    i got them on half of a worm sitting on the bottom..
    but the fish of the day was my buds catch (hes the little bro i never had)
    gets this 7lb bass :eek: :eek:
    i told him ive never seen a bass that big down he put up a fight!!!
    i think i was happier than he we let him go.....
    so needless to say i had fresh fish for din..din :D
    it was real nice to get out....
    rick i might be free the 3rd.
    if your up to a trip let me know :D
  2. irishfisherman

    irishfisherman Da' Irish Guy

    Great going guys.... whats the level like right now in the spill way ?

  3. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    nice fish,scott. :cool:
    let me know a day or two in advance,and we'll do friday
  4. the water is in great shape....not too high and not to low...
    but the eyes i got early..about 7 or 8am.
    the one thing is man the smell :confused: it was almost as bad as buckeye...
    in all the years ive been fishing down there its never smelled.
    rick...thats cool i'll let you know...and i'll bring the bait and a treat for you "buddy" :p
  5. How is the saugeye fishing at the spillway through the winter? I always fish Deer Creek for saugeyes in the winter but would like to try someplace else this winter.
  6. some guys fish till ice up...but i stop fishing it late oct early nov.
    and start mid march. ive never had any luck in that time...
    but if the weather keeps being cool i'll start to hit it more till oct.
    if anyone would like to go down let me know....
    but sunday was the best eye fishing i've had for some time.
  7. I would like to meet up with ya sometime if you dont mind showing me where to fish up there. Maybe one night after work sometime, I get off at 5:00 on the south end. Let me know if you want to try for one evening next week. What do you use up there? I always use twistertails at Deer Creek.
  8. i do my best fishing in the early morning...
    about 5:30 till 11 am.
    im booked up this weekend...helping the mother/father-in-law to move...
    but maybe the next sunday....
    let me know...i would be happy to show you.
  9. Thanks for the offer, I will see what I can work out and get in touch with you next week. What are the best baits to use?
  10. anything
    i use bassminies ,creek chubs, worms and leeches.
    let me know...
  11. ANYBODY would have to see at least a picture of a 7-lb Bass caught below Hoover Dam to believe that! Very few largemouth live in fast-moving waters anywhere in Ohio, particularly below dams. And you definitely didn't catch a 7-lb smallmouth below Hoover.

    Your story is kinda made-up. Sorry, but that's a bit unbelieveable.
  12. toad

    toad geriatrics supporter

    Boy thats a bit harsh isn't it? :eek:
    I don't know nor ever fished with fish4wall but until a person gives me reason to doubt them I'll choose to belive him.
    Way to go fish4wall that is one huge bass, I'm glad you sent it on his way so maybe it will be caught another day. :D
  13. i go.... dont know me i dont know you...
    but to say im lying.... man thats just wrong.....
    keep you option to yourself....
    like i said in the post.....ive never seen a bass that big before down there be for.....and i know bass dont get that big in moving water but mother nature is always up for a surprise or two....
    you seem like a guy who see the glass as half empty.....
    in all the years ive been on the other site and this one ive never doubted anyones story......for one reason...
    I WASNT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    get the point bonehead..... :D
  14. oh...toad
  15. As I recall, there is a Pro by the name of Jay Yelas that won the Classic fishing some pretty fast water below a dam. Guess he didn't know :confused: that largemouth were not supposed to be there but he caught them anyway. :cool: I'm sure that 7#er was a surprise, but a darn nice one . :)
  16. irishfisherman

    irishfisherman Da' Irish Guy

    Way'2'GO Fish.... i'm gonna have to give that place a shot sometime soon
  17. man it was a big surprise. like i said my buddy caught it. and i p%$^ myself when i saw it.... :eek:
    when it got up to me it rolled and i told him. man its a big eye...
    but then i got it in the eyes popped out!!!!!!!! :eek:
    he was a bigin'.
  18. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    nice fish,scott.since there are no pics,i'll take your word ;)

    ed,as a bass fisherman,how can you say that? :confused:
    i've caught as many bass below dams,as i have anywhere else.
    here's a pic of a hoover eye that was just shy of 9 pounds.believe that?

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  19. I'm just saying, a 7lb-LARGEMOUTH from below Hoover is like a new world record in comparison to anything, seriously, think about it. In all the years I fished the Thursday-Nighters on the reservoir, I saw some 5lb+ fish brought to the scales, I caught a few of them, but never a fish 7lbs, and that's with over 50 guys workin' that water hard.

    John Bennet's recent fish at almost 7lbs was outstanding, John is a friend of mine, has been for many years.

    Did you weigh the fish? With what? And a picture, with something in the background to give it scale, would be awesome, plus seeing is believing, always.

    I could tell you all I caught an 8-pounder there this afternoon, you gonna believe me?

    You may think I'm a bonehead, I'm not, I'm a nice guy that loves to fish, just like you. But a Largemouth at 7lbs is rare from any Ohio reservoir, and a thousand-times more rare from below a small dam in Ohio, that's a fact!

    If you really did catch a largemouth that big from below Hoover, congratulations, I'd be the first person to say WOW!

    But don't cut me down for asking for some proof, since the odds of that are Worse than slim. Possible...Oh yeah, but on someone's word? No offense meant.
  20. You made my point! Real nice fish by the way.
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