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    have the day off on tuesday and I'm trying to figure out where I should take the boat. I have an 8' crawdad w/trolling motor and have never been out on the lake, is there any part of the lake that is no wake. I'm thinking about maybe launching from Red Bank Rd. All in all I just cant make up my mind on where to go for the day due to the other options/gas prices(hargus, knox, scioto) and would like to hear other options. thanks
  2. hargus can always be fun i hear, and is trolling motor only, as for as hoover goes, if you put in up at oxbow road, you can troll all around them islands up there and stay out of the wakes if there is any. but i havent fished there around the islands yet this year and dont know if they are catching any crappie there or not, i have only fished up north so far this year

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    oxbow area would be a good choice.twin brdges would also be calm waters and offer decent crappie fishing close to the ramp.you can also find crappies within easy reach of baldridge ramp.
  4. OXBOW is perfect for your boat. Easy to get to from Hilliard. Lots of quiet water back there.