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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by DrChip, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. I've got a few questions about Hoover. I've never fished there before, but thought I might try there this year.

    First, I read this weekend in the paper that there is a Hoover fishing seminar coming up in Feburary ("Hoover Fishing Seminar VII")-- anybody know anything about this? Is it worthwhile? I should say I've never fished for or caught saugeye or walleye, but would like to try, and I see they have a session on saugeye.

    Second, a more general question about Hoover and other lakes with horsepower limits. I certainly understand the need for limits to keep out massive roostertails and water skiing to preserve quiet waters, but what is the logic behind a HP limit in particular? Why not a "no wake" limit or something like that? One reason I haven't fished Hoover is that I have a 50hp motor on my boat, and it seems a pretty big lake to try to cover with nothing but my 12-volt trolling motor. Why couldn't I use the gas motor without going up on plane -- basically using 10hp of my 50hp motor? I fished Knox this fall (with a 25hp limit) and watched a small boat with what I assume was a 25 horse motor go up on plane leaving the ramp near the dam. How is that quieter and less disturbing to those using the lake than someone with a 50 (or 250 for that matter) motor going no wake? Has anyone heard the logic of this? Any chance convincing the powers that be that a no wake limit on a whole lake would probably make it easier for more people to fish a lake while at the same time keeping it even more serene than a hp limit?


  2. My take on the HP limit is a few people are idiots. You start letting them bring in their big motors and they start going a little faster each time, ignoring the no wake zones, ignoring the ski zones, the distance from other boaters and the bank. Its only a few but enough to ruin it for everyone else. There are enough lakes around for the bigger boats, one less lake won't hurt them. Alum is a madhouse on weekends because of unlimited HPs. No reagrd for fellow boaters, skiers or bank fishermen. Like I said its not all boaters just enough to mess it up for everyone else.

  3. True, but wouldn't that be enforceable in the same way as the HP restriction? And it's easier to tell from a distance that someone is violating the no wake limit than the HP limit.

    When I was buying my boat this past summer I was looking at some smaller boats with 10-15hp motors. The salesman at one Columbus-area marine store suggested for one with the 15hp motor that I could easily buy 9.9 stickers to use a 15hp at Hoover -- since externally the motors are identical. So, I think you also have that problem if someone can beat the HP limit by 50% simply by buying a sticker for the motor cover...
  4. I was under the impression that Knox was a 10 hp limit as well as Hoover.
  5. Knox Lake has a 10 HP limit.

    IMO, Part of learning a new lake involves dividing the lake into it's seasonal zones. I think you'll find once you narrow a lake down to just a few high percentage locations there is usually a launch ramp within easy access to that zone. Anglers who are used to the run & gun approach to fishing should probably not fish Hoover.

    Search the archives for a thread(s) titled "Hoover HP Increase".
  6. I believe that Clearfork Reservoir has the no wake or 10 MPH rule in place. I do not fish there and can not speak to its effectiveness. I mentioned it merely to show that it is an alternative that is being used there.

    I have no problem with the 10 HP limit personally because it does prevent the things they are trying to prevent. They want to keep a lake as a fishing lake and eliminate joy riders (fast ones), PWC's, etc. I think you could accomplish the same thing with a no wake or 10 MPH rule but there would be a lot more problem enforcing it.
  7. My mistake on Knox -- I don't know why I was thinking it was a 25hp limit. Although given I have a 50, I couldn't use my motor either way.

    I think we agree that having a quiet fishing lake is the goal. My suggestion doesn't mean I would run and gun -- kind of hard to do without making a wake. In fact, it would be easier for someone with a 10 or 15hp motor to run and gun at full throttle than a 250hp with no wake. And I guess that's my point -- if the goal is quiet and fishing and not disturbing the water, it seems the more direct way to achieve that is to make the lakes no wake (like the northern parts of Alum Creek) instead of allowing unlimited use of lower hp moters that would be louder and create more wake while limiting those with slightly larger motors (25, 40, 50) from using their gas motors to move slowly from spot to spot or trolling.

    What is the issue with enforcement of no wake? I could run my 50hp motor on the water if there wasn't enforcement there to stop me. And, people can make a wake if no one is there to stop them, although I do realize that "wake" can be a fuzzy concept. But, if "no wake" works on the northern half of Alum instead of a hp limit, why couldn't it work elsewhere?
  8. If one has no problem disregarding legal requirements, I'd guess you could do whatever you wanted to. As to "why" HP limits? 1) It's the law. 2) There is NO, NONE, NADA, NYET way or money there to enforce other rules. So if anarchy is one's thing, one could have at it until one's caught, and I'll do all I can to afford one that experience. As was suggested in another post to this thread, suggest you go back into archives and read a lot on this issue that was put to rest this past year. I'd guess you'll like Alum better.

    Re: your question about the Hoover Seminar. Some say it's not all that bad, especially since it's sold out (limit 225 attendees) again this year, within 10 days of it's announcement.

  9. DrChip,

    I figured someone would challenge with that statement. And to an extent you are right. However, with the 10 HP regulation they really only have to patrol the ramps for the most part to maintain the HP rule, whereas for a speed limit rule or a no wake rule they would have to patrol the entire lake. I don't know if this is their reasoning or not but that is what I have heard.
  10. Maybe I've misinterpreted the rules. My assumption (and I know what assumptions can do--make an ASS out of U and ME...) was that the restriction is the USE of a motor over 10hp on these lakes -- not that a boat with a motor over 10hp cannot be launched on these lakes if the motor stays quiet. If I'm right, no one could stop a person from launching their Ranger with 250 Merc as long as that boat left the ramp area powered by the trolling motor. Once the boat left the launch area, though, they could fire up the gas motor if there were no enforcement. Am I mistaken?

    I hope you all don't think I'm looking to get around the rules -- I'm not, and that's why I was suggesting a change in the rules. I've read over the old discussions from last summer about the proposed change to Hoover regulations, and clearly most on this board oppose changes. But, that regulation change was to no HP limit and no speed limit. The few who suggested switching to speed limit restrictions instead of HP restrictions in that debate were responded to with the enforcement response. I just seems to me that both the HP limit and the speed limit require the same sort of enforcement effort. The reason I mentioned what the dealer told me about changing stickers (and others have posted to this board in the past implying they've done just that) is that people will violate both HP limit and speed limit rules without enforcement, so to argue that a speed limit won't work b/c of need for enforcement is not saying that the speed limit is any different from a HP limit. You have to have line of sight (and ability to read the sticker on the motor) to enforce the HP limit, and you have to be able to see (or feel) the wake to enforce the speed limit.

    Anyhow, I don't want to push this too much. I'd just love to try out Hoover, but buying a 10hp kicker to do so isn't feasible. And, as it stands, my trolling motor just isn't up to both transportation and fishing -- at least not for many hours. I don't see how running 50hp motor at no wake speeds would hurt the tranquility or fisheries or water quality any more that a 10hp motor at full throttle, but I guess the bottom line is that I won't be fishing Hoover because of the regulations...

    Thanks for the input guys.

  11. DrChip,

    I believe you are right about being able to launch a boat with a larger motor on restricted some cases. However I have read where some restricted lakes interpret that rule differently and that some will not permit the launch even with the motor in the up position. I can not speak to the details or which bodies of water are this way but just that I recall that question coming up in the past. I am not disagreeing with your logic but merely trying to present the DNR's stance. It seems to me that any of the 3 limits (speed limit, HP limit, no wake) would maintain a good fishing environment. I really do not know all of the factors that go into the DNR making such a decision. I can see where guys in your situation could be disappointed. Forunately for me I am not affected by it or I may be the one posting the same words as yours.;)
  12. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    as was pointed out by terry(Net)you can easily access plenty of good water with only your electric.there are 5 ramps on the lake,with good fishing close to all.first thing,as he said,is to learn the productive areas.if you study a map of hoover,you can eliminate quite a bit of unproductive water.using that info along with a little research will help alot.and some hoover regulars may even be willing to point you in the right direction as to tactics,etc.
    but the best teacher is experience.
    too bad you didn't inquire about the seminar's a great way to learn about hoover from people who fish it on a regular basis,and are a great help in shortening the learning curve.
  13. toad

    toad geriatrics supporter

    This will be my third year of attending the Hoover Fishing Seminar and I can't think of a better way to spend a winter day. There is a lot of good info put out and the raffle is one of the best I've seen. What moves me most about the HFS is that all the work that it takes to put it on is done by volunteers and 100% proceeds go to benefit "Walnut Springs Middle School Wolves Fishing Club".
    As for the HP restrictions on hoover I totally agree with them, I use the same boat on hoover that I use on erie and it is worth putting around with my 9.9 hp kicker to be able to fish Hoover. My buddy misfit bought a boat with a 9.9 in order to fish the restricted lakes. Net is also correct about good fishing close to alot of the ramps although I believe hoover is a harder lake to fish than other area lakes. (JMO) Here is a picture of my partners (misfit) largest hoover eye for 2004. It went just shy of 9 lbs and 28"

  14. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    you're gonna wear that picture out :eek: :D :eek:
    just shows what you can catch within 10 minutes or less,of some of the ramps(by electric motor) :D ;)
  15. bmffishing247

    bmffishing247 Fishing Is Life!

    My father and I have fished hoover for over 25 years. He fished jut about everytounament there in the 80's and 90's. the main reason for the hp restriction is because of the red clay banks at hoover. They are trying to make sure it stays nice and fishable. Once you get them bigger boats in there the banks will eroid and you will have nothing left but a big giant mess. I really don't mind the hp limit on hoover. less boat traffic means more space to move around. i have spent a number of times crusing from red bank up to galena with a 5 hp and i never once wished i had a bigger motor to go faster at hoover. So i would have to say that i believe the hp restriction on hoover and other lakes are for the good.
  16. Bubba


    i also like the 9.9 hp rule at hoover me and my dad fish hoover for crappies and we have a 5 hp motor and it is great to just cruise along and fish.

    BIGDAWG Team Bass Xtreme

    I've fished Hoover several times in my bass boat only with electric. As previous posts mentioned, grab a map and target productive areas. I always take my $59.99 jumper box with me in case trolling batteries start getting low. Never been stranded that way. ;) Hoover is a great fishery and after getting pounded on Alum and Griggs is quite a welcomed break from the inconsiderate boaters. In my experience, the "Water Dogs" won't pinch you for launching/loading with your big motor. I've taken out at Hoover with 3'ers with the "Man" there and he didn't say a word. They understand it would be close to impossible to load with only electric in high winds. Good luck this year, also there are quite a few people here that would more than probably take you out so you could learn the lake and see what Hoover has to offer. BD
  18. I'll probably give Hoover a try this year, even with just the electric. Sounds too good not to give it a try. Let's just hope I don't end up having to swim my boat back to the ramp when the battery dies... ;)
  19. I dont fish Alum anymore :p Reason being the
    lack of enforcement in the so called no wake zones.
    I GOT TIRED OF the wave runners up in Big Run
    and the bass boats zooming way up north only to see them
    coming back in about 15 minutes. Gimme Hoover as it is
    and Knox also. Peace and quite are at a premium
    anymore. Like the man said," know the area you want to fish
    then find a ramp close to it" You don`t have to traverse
    the entire lake for just an area to fish. Usually there are
    ample ramps to service your needs.

  20. DAVEM


    It's just nice to be on a lake where jet skis can't raise your blood pressure. Hoover is a great lake and one of the best I can think of for about anything that swims. There are plenty of spots to fish from shore on that lake if you know where to go. As soon as the ice is gone Shaner and I will be out there to see if we can lose another 8 lb saugeye. For those looking to fish from shore at Hoover try the dam in spring or Smothers road. White bass on top water is a lot of fun. Lets hope that little rat doesn't see his shadow today.