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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by misfit, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i thought i'd conduct a little survey pertaining to saugeye fishing at hoover.i'd like some input from those of you who fish for them.
    i'm not looking for any hot spots or anything of that nature,as i am (as many of you know) pretty familiar with the lake.
    what i would like to know is,how has your success been so far,and the average size/numbers of fish you've been catching this year.also theories on why the numbers of bigger fish seem to be low,compared to alum and buckeye,for instance.i have a couple theories of my own,but would like to hear others'.
    if you want to share techniques that work for you,that's fine,and may be of help to others,but again,that's not really the main purpose of this post.
    i fish mainly,the middle pool,and i've noticed that the majority of fish being caught by most are in the 15" and under range,with a lot of 10-12 inch fish being kept. :mad:
    i believe the fish "congregate" in groups according to size/year class,and know there are lots of better fish there,and in my opinion,they mostly hold in places i normally don't fish(for my own reasons)
    i'm just trying to get a feel for how the rest of you hoover guys do on your average trip,along with why you feel you get the results you do.
    any and all input would be appreciated.

    ps...........i believe that with the large stockings of the past few years,hoover could be a boom for decent size fish in a couple years,if the little ones had a chance to escape being strung up by some of the people i've seen there.especially the "over harvesters" that i haven't had the chance to catch in the act :rolleyes: :(

    JUSTCRAZY Wurlds Wurst Spellor

    There are no fish in Hoover, therefore your theory will never come together and you hypothesis is shot!!

    Just my 2 cents worth. :p :p

  3. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i'm glad you could only afford 2 cents,cause that's about all i need from you :p :p

    ps..............don't bother bringing any tackle tomorrow,since we'll just be aimlessly cruisin' around looking for fish that aren't there :D ;)
  4. I don't fish for "eyes", but have observed many, many small fish going into the baskets hanging off the sides of boats and on the bank. Until there is enforcement of the existing regulations or along with that a size/slot limit implemented,then we are headed for some lean years. I would add that crappies won't be to far behind either. Sure fish need to be harvested, but to bragg about 100 crapppies a day is a little much. We are talking a small lake here. This is not Lake Lanier or Cumberland or some other big impoundment. Hoover is fun, beautiful and a challange for us. It is also managed by the city of Col. who don't have much of a concern about the fishery. So it is up to us. Just my opinion.
  5. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    hey rick..didn't you said that to me also at CJ brown last year?? :D
    aimlessly cruising around LOOKING for fish....thats funny..:D
    speakin of hoover..i got my blood sucked outta me there for 8hours last week..and i got a skunk for all that..:(
  6. Rick,

    I have yet to fish Hoover for saugeye this year. Last summer those of us who did okay (16"-20") all said basically the same thing, "Why can't I find more than one keeper on/near the same spot?". The thing is, there just doesn't seem to be enough prime structure in the popular 14'-20' depths to attract & hold "pods" of nice saugeye like at Alum. Rather than ambushing their prey from structure, one theory is they spend most of their feeding time "herding" baitfish on the flats and trapping them against the bank. My biggest saugeye at hoover, 23", was caught about 6 yrs ago at high noon on a hot summer day near the top of an exposed rocky hump in 2-4 FOW. Big bass minnow under a slip bobber. I've been wanting to try that pattern again...but this time with 5"-7" creek chubs. That reminds me, I need to make a bait run.

    Theory #2: Just like the Loch Ness monster, Hoover hawgs rise out of the deep abyss to feed only in total darkness. :rolleyes:
  7. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    carpielooker :D :D
    if you can't catch a carp at hoover you'd better take up eye fishin',hahaha.

    terry,i think we're kinda on the same page.i was just talking with grumpy about it,and mentioned to him,the fact that alum is a totally different game,with all the structure that hoover biggest is around 5 pounds,taken trolling a chub in 4 feet next to an island,years ago.
    lately,my best fish have come from those "rocky humps" during the day,also.
    i totally agree with theory #2,and if i could get some "dark" fishing in,i know i could get more bigger fish,and know there are a few regular night owls who do fairly well.
    as i said,there are a few spots that fill the bill for structure,but i rarely work them.
    i know there are a couple people who catch 16-18 inchers with some degree of consistancy,but they spend lots more time on the lake than you and i,besides having fished it for many many years,and sometimes put in long days to put a limit in the boat.
    thanks for your input.after hearing from a pretty knowledgable eye guy,i'm glad to know that my thinking isn't out in left field,lol.

    ps...............i read your threat(cofc) to start fishing hoover more this month ;) ,so when ya gonna start showin' yourself? were there once this year,cause i remember you yelling my name at baldrige ramp,lol.
  8. I really wanted to hit my creek first to gather some chubs. If I'm going to start fishing Hoover on fairly regular basis, I really want to mix things up more than I do at Alum.

    LOL... I editted my post right before you hit the send button. I do remember that crappie trip earlier this year with my wife & son.
  9. You guys both catch more fish than I do, but shouldn't less structure make the fish easier to find? Wouldn't you think that would concentrate more fish on fewer spots? What do you think?

  10. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    terry,for a minute there,i thought maybe you might be showing symtoms of old and drifty :eek: ;) cause i forgot you were fishing for crappies,lol.
    chubs and suckers are tops for eyes,but i just can't seine the creeks anymore,or i'd be going to that trick more often.maybe i'll get a trap and hope it doesn't get stolen the first time i set it :rolleyes:

    joel,actually,i don't think that is the case.a small piece of structure will hold so many fish,but in my estimation,they are sort of nomadic and don't school to the same degree as a lake like hoover,they could be widely scattered on flats and other places,which is why i think there usually aren't several of the bigger ones caught in the same place at the same least that's the way i see it in the warmer months.i may be wrong,but i think they school up tighter and are more concentrated on deep water structure when water temps dip into the 40's and lower.
  11. Trying to seine chubs is like herding cats. I just use a panfish rod w/sponge bobber, ice jig & wax worm. Look for slack water spots in the creek where you can't easily see bottom. Once you get into them you can fill a 5-gal bucket in no time.
  12. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    terry,i have a few spots that i used to do that,but as time goes by,my walking and and wading days are just about done :(
    just too hard on the old bod. :eek:
    if i had a way of keeping them for long periods,i wouldn't mind a trip or two during the season,but not every time i fish.
  13. For what its worth, my biggest Hoover saugeyes (over 24'') have come on crank baits in August around 2:30 am in shallow water and in the fall same pattern during the day. I have taken other 19-21'' inchers fishing usual hump/ points with jigs, mainly May and June. This year, its been tough getting 16" ers and over. The days I have there was a fairly strong south wind fishing wind blown points, depths 5-7 feet. I have fished Hoover since 87 and can only say the average size I catch is less than it used to be. The fishing pressure is much greater than it used to be also.
  14. meisterdog

    meisterdog mr. saturday night

    Misfit I really haven't caught any saugeye on the lake, but I have caught a few in the creek in galena while wb fishing. They were in the 20-22 inch range with the largest being 24 inches. I think that they were chasing baitfish in the creek and I caught them on small white spinners with 6 lb test line. WHat a fight.
  15. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    stelgo,i also used to catch more bigger fish.i believe the night time in the shallows is the best time for the bigger fish,as a general rule.i think it's good for several months,though i don't fish it.same goes for walleye and for the south wind,that's another good time,but it seems on the rare days we get one,i don't get a chance to get out :rolleyes:
    i've also seen a big increase in pressure,which i'm sure has had an effect.
    toad and i were just discussing that on monday.
    i do think we'll see more 16 and up fish next year,and maybe a couple more years at least,due to the the large stockings of 2-3 years ago,which are now in the 12-14 inch range.there are plenty in there,as evidenced by the numbers being caught.

    meister,i think the eyes will run the creek in the spring,as they do other places.i think it's a natural urge ;) .
    i've never put any effort into it,but i've caught and seen many come from the feeder at buckeye in the spring,in 1-2 fow.
    good thoughts guys,and here's hoping for a good season.
  16. I do all of my fishing for these girls during the fall,winter, and spring months and this 2003-2004 season it was the exact opposite for me and afew of my buds.I never had a reason to even think about leaving Alum Creek, but with the whole 2002-2003 winter being a absolute bust(for big fish)and then with October and the first three weeks of November of 03 starting the same way I decided to put all of my time into hoover and it payed off. We had some pretty darn good nights up until ice. In fact some of nights were flash backs of years past at Alum. A lot of my time was spent at the dam both east and west sides and I did not see any floatations to support a net. Is a gill net's floatation visible at night? With 3 to 5 nights a week for hours at a time just looking at the water in front of me I would think I would have seen it not to mention snagged it.