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    Not much to report BUT here it is...Arrived at lake about 4 PM put in at Red Bank and immediately went straight over to LOTW area. Didn't mark many fish anywhere but set up to troll crankbaits and a worm harness rig. We trolled South and then came upon a lady in an inflatable rubber raft and she seemed distressed. She called out to us for help telling us she had lost a part for her paddle and couldn't go anymore. We towed her back accross the lake and then she discovers she had lost her non-floating bag that contained her car keys, it got lost when she turned her raft over. I made a call to her daughter for her they talked and arranged for a ride so we went back to fishing. We trolled from the Pontoon Club North up the big flat. I managed to lose my deep diving Mistake pattern Bandit crankbait within 2 minutes the first time I ever used it:( If you see it floating out there get it for me thanks. We got to Misfits spot and I started casting and retrieving a clown 1/4 oz Vib"e and had a sugeye on quick. He hit it hard and ran quick and I thought it might be a bass but it was a saugeye about 13-14 inches and it had a huge shad down its throat with the tail dangling out of its mouth. I don't really know why it hit the Vib"e but it had both trebles buried in its jaw and he hit on the lift and pull so I know he went after it. That's it, not another bite but them schools of shad were thick and fish were nailing them all over the place. An afterthought I had was that one of us should have been throwing a shallow crankbait as you could see some nice swirls in there amidst the shad. We were in a green aluminum Triton boat couldn't have missed it if you saw us.
    Tight Lines to All....................
  2. hey at least you got out,:p , and at least felt one on your line,I got spanked the last time out.Maybe after this system gets through today they will return to some sort of normal pattern,but as the MISFIT would say,hey they are eyes,nothing normal about them.:)

  3. Juan More Fish

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    :p Ill launch from there tonight, and see how i do.
    I want some white bass. saugeye will do also.
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    since you were a good samaratan,i'm gonna cut you some slack about fishing my hole:p
    but in the future,remember the rangers have orders to remove you from the area if you're seen there in the future:mad: :D
    you should have thrown the vibes or spoons at those "swirls".you know that works now and then;)
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    Misfit - are you getting back out on the water?

    Sweet stuff!
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    to give you a chance to get caught up that's why I didn't get serious:p :) hehehe!!!
  7. Juan More Fish

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    My tennessee shads did pretty well tonight.
    Hit 3 crappie, and 2 catfish. A channel and a shovel head. The channel was 26 iches.