hoover white bass fishing 9/20

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by misfit, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. misfit

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    met mike(ogf'er starcraft) at the ramp around 8 this morning,and headed out in search of those hungry white bass.though we managed to find a couple shools and boat around 40 or so fish,the action paled in comparison to what i experienced on monday.but it was an enjoyable day and the company made up for the slow fishing.thanks again mike,for joining me:)
    the highlight of the day came early when mike boated this fat 18 inch smallie:B


    i couldn't top that act,but had lots of fun with these other citters:)

  2. starcraft

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    Anytime had a awesome day with a good freind:) Helping with the boat and all was fun. I had a blast fishing, but the best part was the conversations we had about life and whats real learned alot by just listening. Cant thank u enough for your kindness. In the years to come if u need support just give me a ring.;)

  3. I was at Hoover today just boat riding. I took a map with me and marked some really good looking spots that I never new was there. The water is so low that you can see some good points and stumps and such. As I was leaving, I saw a OGF patch in a truck window. It was misfit and starcraft. I introduced myself and had a short gab with them. They sure seem like upstanding guys. I hope to fish as good as them someday. Thanks for your time guys. Chopper
  4. not two hundred but still great fishing though...had better luck than me on wed eve. i fished only from 5-9 and had 6 wb... couldnt get the gf to fish she wanted to read so i didnt get to try many different baits out there...had two or three other boats around me during the evening off and on and didnt see any rods bending there way either.
  5. misfit

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    thanks, and nice meeting you,chopper.wait till the lake drops another few feet,and you'll see a bunch more,LOL.
    any time you wanna hook up,just yell.you missed grumpy.he was out this morning and also was catching some fish.

    dan,you don't need to throw too many baits;)
    almost any 1/4 ounce vibe or small jigging spoon turns them on:D
  6. yea i caught them on a vibee, but i had a jig i wanted to work a little bit that i didnt get to cause i wanted her to use the vibee but she wasnt into fishing yesterday and i couldnt not have it in the water cause thats all i had got hit on..haha oh well next time...sometime this weekend
  7. Sounds like more of life's problems were solved. It's amazing how many of them can be solved on the water. I know what you mean about listening too. Now if he could only get his kids to listen as well as some of us other do. ;) :p Congrats on that nice smallie.
  8. misfit

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    LOL.that's where i got all my teaching practice:D
    luckily they did listen most of the time though,instead of imitating me:eek:;)
  9. SwollenGoat

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    That is a beautiful smallie Mike! Glad to hear the bite was good. I'll have to visit ol' lady Hoover soon. (Can't stay mad at her forever.)

    **Oh, and good to hear no "Mis"-adventures were had! :D
  10. Thanks for the report, misfit. You da' man. I wasn't even planning on fishing this weekend. I hit Hoover this morning and had a ball. Got 1 fish Ohio and two that were close among the 20+ that I caught in about 1 1/2 hours. Those things are a lot of fun to catch.

    Just a note; they seemed to be hitting best on grubs and roadrunners over minnows this morning. If it was moving fast, they were nailing it. If I jigged, they tapped it until I started reeling and then, BAM!
  11. misfit

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    good to see someone cashing in on the good fishing now.those whites can save a day on the water right now,with other fishing being so slow:)
    other species are tougher to target right now with the water levels where they are,but those things can be found fairly easily and are willing biters on most days.but other species can be a bonus also,because they will often mingle with those whites when they're on the feed:)
    i'll be out with capt. hook sunday morning,hoping the the fish are at the dinner table;)
  12. crappielooker

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    nice bronze football dooods.. man, i'm jealous big time..
    rick, is this the thread u talkin to me about?? ;)
  13. misfit

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    yeah dood;)
    mike thought you might enjoy that fish.
  14. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    enjoy??hell no.. i want some of them in my pond.. heh heh..
    just wait until i go fishin next.. if i'm lucky, i may get to do it in january..LOLOL
    btw, there aint no fish in hoover sloover..:p
  15. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i knew it would make you droll :D
    maybe we can ship some to you for your pond;)