HOOVER water level

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  1. Anyone know what hoover looks like since the rain? Did this help the water level or do we have a long way to go?
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    gonna take a lot more than we got to make much difference.i think it's come up a couple inches,but that's not much help when it's almost 9 feet low;)

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  4. Thanks Misfit. It sure seems we have a long way to go....Maybe I'll just have to give it a try this week. I tried some of your techniques you offered to me and I've caught a few crappie here and there! Not much size but I'm going to keep at it! I might try for some saugeye this week. Some trolling. We'll see....
  5. I was hopeing that the heavey rains would have brought the level up some but I drove across the Sunbury rd, bridge at about 9 PM and you can still walk from the rock pill to the island. which means the water did not come up much. I got 21 inches in Johnstown and my pond is filled again. Don't give up keep the rain dances going.
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    get used to the low levels;)
    historically,hoover levels haven't risen much(till late fall/early winter) after dropping this low(which really isn't that rare).it will probably get lower before it gets much hgher.the little rise we'll get,will most likely be temporary unless we do get appreciable rainfall on a fairly regular basis.