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  1. I was told that night that there is a person going around Hoover with a gun shooting at boats in the water. That is all that I know if I find out more I will post it but I thought I would share the news with you OGF'ers!
  2. whoa..that is crazy....he better be careful though...i know a few that just might shoot back!!!!!

  3. Please do not post this unless you have confirmation. Also, if this is the case we need to get someone else involved so it does not continue. There are many of us that fish after dark and sometimes with very few people around. This could very easily make people panic for no reason if it is not accurate.

  4. Yea I am aware that there are people like myself that fish after dark. Don't understand what the big deal is? I was talking to people at the boat ramp and was informed about this, i didn't say there was shootings just that I was told. I don't understand why 2 older guys would lie to me or tell me somthing that they wouldnt think was untrue.....
  5. fishingislife thanks for the info..i fish at night by myself sometimes to.

    tonight i was nightfishing...dark as heck out to.

    good thing im getting my ccw in a month...will be some help if i ever run into a problem like that
  6. Fishingislife, your heart is in the right place. I'm not a moderator or anything but I think what ying is saying is next time you have a public safety announcement, please state clearly who your source of info is the first time. That way, those of us without a CCW can make an informed choice on how to deal with it. How's the fishing at Hoover been lately? Anybody getting bit?
  7. seethe303

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    I had one of my best nights ever yesterday at Hoover.

    two NICE 'eyes - one of them my PB at 22" AND my first Fish Ohio. here is the bigger 'eye:


    I didn't see anyone shooting at boats, fwiw!
  8. NewbreedFishing

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    looks like you got it down seethe303
    if you ever need anyone to fish with during the week at night let me know.
  9. RareVos

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    Looks tasty... also looks like I've been wasting my time at Alum.
  10. EE


    Rarevos, don't give up on Alum, they're in there and being caught. And nobody shooting at you, far as I know (nice little bonus):p
  11. On the contrary mr EE... Hoover is prime for the pickings...nothing over at Alum except a boot full of mud. ENJOY the slaughter over there!! (post was to be taken as Sarcasm for Erik)
  12. EE


    LOL, whatever dude........ you need a day off.
  13. Nice eye, seethe.