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    Went to Hoover Sunday afternoon geared to fish for everything.Talked to a couple guys at the ramp said the crappies were still in the bushes shallow and they did real well.Well we tried to troll cranks for eyes with no luck,than I got out of the wind and tried spinners and plastics for bass with no luck.Moved back out to open water and trolled again but no luck,not a hit.Water was 70 and it was really muddy on the East banks from the wind.We than tried minnows for crappie but in the dirty water it was here and there fish,so it was getting late and we decided to try the shallows near Redbank and the water was alot cleaner and the crappies were stacked in the bushes in 2-4 foot of water but you had to be right in the bushes and wham one after another until the sun went down.It sucks when you find a good pattern an hour before dark.I managed about 20 Crappie in the last hour from 8-14 inches,all released to be caught again
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    They have been holding real tight to the cover at hoover. Most of the fish I've caught there this year are the result of me putting the bait right into the brush. 1 foot away you get nothing.

  3. i hit hoover sunday with rarevos and we struggled to find alot of shallow crappies, they were not stacked up shallow in the bushes, we could pick up one or two off a bush and keep moving to the next bush for a couple more. also we almost had one of those there legendary "MISFIT ADVENTURES" weve all seen posted in the past. the wind really picked up in the afternoon and the north end really got rough and choppy just above sunbury road and we took a 2footer over the front end of the jonboat and damnear sank us! got hairy for a minute but we was able to bail it out quick enough thanks to the trusty ol pee jug....aka tide bottle with top cut off!!!
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    Hah! So THAT what a "MISFIT ADVENTURE" is? Glad we managed to narrowly avoid it.
  5. haha, yea i think so....!!! only good thing that couldve came out of that is if we made it to shore after sinking, my fiancee prob wouldve felt bad for me, and it wouldve made her scared enough to ok the "purchase/goin into debt" of a much bigger more stable boat. damn that pee jug...we shoulda let it go down and then gave all ogf'rs the gps coordinates in celebration of a new boat!!!!!!!!!hahahhaha
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    I would totally back your play as long as I could use it too. As in:

    "Honey, I bought a little johnboat from Dan and then it immediately sank due to it being too small. Nearly died out there! Honey, we're gonna need a bigger boat."

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    Ha Ha! Classic!!!!! "We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

    There some :B in Hoover for sure. ;)