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  1. :confused: I'm planning on taking the boat out Saturday early am with a friend. Chance of rain in the afternoon. I've fished Hoover a little bit over the past couple years and have a couple spots, but haven't really tested the waters much yet. Any advice for this time of year, particularly for the crappie and white bass? I'm taking a buddy, who hasn't fished in a number of years, so I'd like to make it somewhat productive if I can!
  2. I was up there last Monday, we only caught one 3lb LM she was way up in the shore under floating debrise and logs. I haven't heard or seen much on the Crappie bite. The bite has been slow because of the screwed up weather, cold front after cold front. Maybe Saturday will be different but the back of the coves that I saw were pretty muddy. The only thing we didn't try was carolina rigs on main lake points. Hope this helps.

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    I was there on Tuesday fishing around oxbow in my canoe. The crappie were still in shallow but the high water has spread them out a bit. I didn't find any spots where they were bunched together. I caught most on either a roadrunner or minnow in very shallow water. Water was very muddy but they were in there and if you got it close enough they were aggressive. I caught about 20 but only 6 were what I consider keepers.

    Towards the end of the night I just kept the canoe about 4 ft from shore and drifted along as I jigged a minnow about 12 inches in the water and about 1-2 ft from shore. I caught more fish in the last half hour doing that then I did casting towards shore all night. It sure would be nice to have some stable weather for a few days. This year's crappie fishing has been a bit tougher.
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    I would start shallow and work my way out to deeper water. Pay attention to your fishfinder as you enter coves and go over dropoffs. Might be some suspended fish. I'm really not sure where the spawn is at this point, but I would guess the fish will be scattered.