Hoover--Stick in the mud !

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bassin mickey, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Anyone thinking about launching out of twin bridges area-- F.Y.I. it is just about done for the year. It is really soft and low. It may be ok for a 4X4 for a day or two but that's about it. :(
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    oh tell me you didn't:D
    i wouldn't even try it with my boat,LOL.
    hope people listen cause you're right.2 years ago i almost couldn't get mine in and out(had to wade and winch it onto the trailer)and it's a foot or two lower right now.only gonna get worse.

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    I got my truck stuck in the mud there about this time last year. After burning the tires and digging bigger and bigger holes... I eventually worked the truck to about 45 degree angle to the water line and was able to get out cutting across the bank intead of going straight up. Some other guy sat in his truck and watched me the entire time. Oh well... you live and you learn.
  4. yea i put in there about a week ago..although my boat is really light and i dont have to get much of the trailer in the water to get in and out..but it was pretty hairy pulling up outa there....the ramp at confluence is even better than that.!
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    if you had trouble last year,you'd better stay away from it now,LOL.it's 2-3 feet lower now than it was then.the end of the ramp is nowhere near the water now.by the weekend(if not now) you should be able to walk to the island without getting wet;)
    walnut and red bank are the only two places to launch without much difficulty now.
  6. My Tundra was spinning and grunting for a few seconds yesterday. I was in the front seat just a holden on to the wheel while my little butt was puckerin up big time. Hey!! At least I was looking good. :)
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    LOL.you're crazier than me.i wouldn't want to put my little tin can in there now.much less a boat like yours:eek: