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  1. fished hoover yesterday (monday) AM for saugeye. ive only fished hoover a couople of times in the last 2-3 yrs but we did manage 1 12incher cuaght pitching jigs on a 7ft flat off the shoreline. tried pulling bottom bouncers w/worm harnesses around lotw area w/out luck. also caught a couple of crappie. water temp was 68-70 degreess. the carp were goin nuts up in the shallows i suppose they were spawning.

    anyone eles cacthing eyes at hoover or is this just a slow time of the year?
  2. I've heard of Saugeye in Hoover...I've never caught any. I even saw the ODNR stock them? Not sure where they hide out! There are people here that have success with them but I've never seen these people, just heard about them, they must be hidding out with the Saugeye, LOL!

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    I have caught saugeye before at Hoover. nice ones too. I have yet to establish a pattern, though.
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    you're in the right area..................well,one of several;)
    jigs and cranks might be better right now,but harnesses should produce soon if they haven't started yet.eye fishing has been slow so far,but should pick up.i know bb's are popular,but i prefer rigging my harnesses with a slip sinker.just enough weight to get it down and bump bottom occasionally(1/4 to 1/2 ounce).doesn't take much at the slower speeds i run,and normal depths of 10 feet or less,most of the time.i just feel by getting the bait farther behind the boat increases the odds of bites when running in those depths.
  5. Some of the biggest s-eyes i seen have came out of Hoover...... Seen many 6 and 7 pounders........... with some over 10 pounds
  6. No big secret...hoover produces awesome size & numbers during the cold water months...the rest of the year is a struggle. Something about hoover causes the saugeye to become more finicky during the warm water months than their alum creek cousins. Some of the theories I've heard...
    Fluctuating water levels.
    An over abundance of shad & perch.
    Lack of quality main lake structure in 0-20 fow to attract and hold saugeye.
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    I caught 1 there once in Misfits favorite spot!!musta been one he threw back because he was over his limit! LOL
  8. yea i think next time out im gona look for some hard bottom areas and throw some jigs, its surprizing how steep most of the banks are at hoover ive always done well on drop offs at IL but not sure if that will produce at hoover or not. glad to here people do catch :B at hoover though
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    Right on the first part (same applies to Alum), second part is open to debate; not sure I necessarily agree, but at times it can definitely be frustrating. Went out on Hoover a few times last summer, with a buddy of mine who got into them pretty good all summer long.

    Boaterfisherdude, good to meet you over the weekend, I'll look forward to fishing with you at some point in the future!
  10. We're probably saying the same thing erik ;). I'm not about to give up or quit trying but as you say it can get frustrating. A couple weeks ago I found a promising new spot in an area I never fished before. Only pulled 2 cigars but fell in love with the location and terrain. Maybe we can hook up.
  11. i think fishing in general is tough in the summer months with the high temps but i've heard of saugeyes being caught in good numbers at night during the summer at Indian so i might have to give night fishing a try.

    sounds good to me!
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    i caught a 20 in saugeye on wed. night, fishing for bass. He was in 3 fow.