Hoover Saugeye

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  1. Fished Hoover saturday evening with a freind of mine and caught 14 saugeye with 6 keepers. They were very picky and was only catching them when we would drift real slow.
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    toad and i fished it again on sunday,with similar results.probably 20 or so fish.just couldn't seem to find the bigger fish,though we got some eaters.took awhile to locate active fish fish,but once we did,they weren't hesitant about jumping on the harnesses we were drifting.but with a slower drift,i think we would have connected with more(and possibly) fish.and a few other boats weren't hesitant to fall in behind us when they saw our rods constantly bending ;)

  3. Great job on the eyes up there guys. I'm got my mind made up that I'm going to fish that lake at least once this year. Ive got a small boat and an old 7hp motor that I need to get running but even if that doesn work ok I will take my canoe up and give it a shot. Thanks for all the reports guys.
  4. that minnowman and the toad get all those Saugeye's. Glad to hear that someone is catching "Eye's". This year has been utterly ridiculous for me. Don't know what the heck I'm doing wrong. I can't catch anything except Catfish and a few Bass with their mouths full of Cicada's. Haven't caught any Eye's yet. Totally different from last year for sure.

    Great job fellas. I'm outa here.
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    I don't mind when some other boats fall into the drifting line and if they ask I'll even tell them the hot bait of the day but I sure don't like it when I see them catch dinks and keeping them. We did see one guy runing around his boat like he had jaws on the end of his line then he got the net out and netted a 10 to 12 inch eye and kept it. :mad:
  6. Hey Freddy, don't that just get your goat?
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    i would have loved to had a camcorder :D
    that guy had a woman in the boat with him and was trolling before he decided to follow our lead.he was holding a rod in each hand and looking behind the boat,without a clue where he was going :rolleyes:
    at one point,he was kinda going aimlessly in circles and i thought he would ram us,till he finally looked up and steered clear.that was a show in itself,but when he was running around in circles looking for this BIG net,to land that 10 inch fish,it looked like a chinese freaking fire drill :D
    i thought he was gonna go overboard in all the excitement.
    kinda made my day,lol.
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    :confused: :confused: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: are you guys fishing outside the entrance to lotw's for the saugeyes. I have never really targeted saugeyes drifting just trolling. I was wondering if outside the lotw's entrance if there are flats that you catch them at. Also are you using crawler harnesses, jigs tiped with something, or something else. I am going up to hoover tomorrow and any info would be great. I haven't been out in 2 weeks. I am in a camo 16 ft boat with a 50 horse and a 6 horse kicker motor.

    thanks for any help :)
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    there are good flats,both south and north of lotw.also in the lower pool,where the eyes can be caught by trolling cranks and harnesses or drifting or casting jigs and harnesses tipped with crawler and simple carolina rig w/plain hook and piece of crawler. casting jigs and carolina rigs calls for a very slow stop and go retrieve.look for flats of 12 feet or less.
  10. Someone please explain to me what or where, "lotw" means.
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    it stands for the lake of the woods
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    LOTW=LAKE OF THE WOODS=the big cove across from red bank ramp ;)
  13. DAVEM


    Hey Toad we fished LOTW Sat. and caught tons of saugeye. We kept 4 but caught around 20.Thanks Shaner. We saw two boats with one guy on each keep way more than the limit. By the way the limit is 6 not 20 for those who can't count. To make matters worse the fish they kept were all 10 to 12 inch fish. We need more eyes on those saugeyes.
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    i'll second that
    i know there are some who don't like the fact that i will keep some 14 inch fish,but only when/if i can't connect with bigger ones.but anything that is even 1/8 inch shorter goes back,and anyone who fishes with me will tell you that,and will do the same when in my boat(my boat,my rules ;) ).i feel that alot of those fish will be 15-17 next year,if others would not keep them :mad:
    especially if they're taking over the limit,which pisses me off even more.
    personally,i'd love to see a 15-16 inch minimum,but till then,i'll keep a few 14's if that's all i get and i want to keep eating fish.
  15. What seems to be the key this year. I have been trolling harnesses and pulling cranks. I have used orange and chartruese but nothing. Both of these were hot last year, but I haven't caught many fish, and no keepers this year. Trolling speed has been 2mph sog and less, is that maybe to slow. Kinda lost here, any info would be appreciated. :confused:
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    i'd say 2 mph may be fast for harnesses right now.drifting or trolling at 1 or less has been working for us,with gold the preferred color.other colors should work,but we've been sticking with what works,but it's not your standard blade ;) .i think that may be the difference.
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    Think you're sneaky, huh? A different blade?????????? I wonder what that could be............................................
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    i might let you in on my secret someday,jim :D :D ;)
    they even work on tappan :D
  19. heh heh heh, the minnowman strikes again huh? Well, I guess I'll have to put my Ranger in Hoover and just troll all around. If you guys are seeing people catch and keep more than the limit then why aren't you calling the law? ODNR, Columbus Watershed Police, Columbus Police Dept, ETC... The office is right there at Hoover for crying out loud.

    If you're close enough to watch them keeping 20 fish 10 to 12 inches then you're sure close enough to get the numbers off the boat. RIGHT??????

    Yes, I said Columbus Police. They have the power also to do something about water/fishing violations. That came right from the fishing regs and right from a Watershed cop himself.

    I know that 99% of us have cell phones. Now tell me that whoever saw this happening just didn't have a cell phone. Darn it men, call the cops and complain. Get the numbers off the boat and report him. They will be at the ramp waiting for him. I get so mad that everyone talks about this and nobody makes the call. Darn it, the girl knows my first name at ODNR. MAKE THE CALL, GET THE NUMBERS OFF THE BOAT IN VIOLATION.
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    WOAH big guy.watch that blood pressure.wouldn't wanna see your pump blow a gasket :eek: :eek:
    i'm not in the 99%,and usually don't even have a pencil and paper :rolleyes:
    but if i catch 'em,i can lasso 'em and drag 'em down the lake to the office,after i get their mugshot(i do usually have my camera) :D