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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by EE, Aug 12, 2007.

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    Got out on Friday afternoon with a buddy, for an hour or two.......
    don't let the dog days of summer keep you off the water, there's a good summer bite still happening.

    Crawler harnesses, 10-18 feet of water. Breeze was pushing our boat on a perfect drift, just enough line out to lightly bump the bottom on occasion. Most fish came on the trailer hook by the way.

    Saugeye, White Bass, Channel cats, Crappie....a beautiful evening to be out on the water.

    Good luck if you get out!
  2. Nice to hear that I'm not the only one doing good in the summer heat.

  3. Sounds like a good night out wanted to get out but friday was crazy day of work. I still have not got on Hoover!! Want to get out here sometime;) How big was saugeye?
  4. The wife and I went out for an afternoon in Hoover also.When we first arrived at our spot,I got a huge hit on a minnow. It jumped and broke the line on the way back down.Not sure what it was, but it was big none the less.
    We stayed with it,and around dusk the party started, A whole hour or so of non-stop catching. We pretty much caught one or more of all species in the lake. We have never experienced that before. It was almost surreal!
    Nightcrawlers and minnows were the order of the day. Less than 10 FOW.The total count was around 75 fish.
    Just when you though Hoover was dead!
  5. EE


    Troy, I'll call you tomorrow and we'll set something up. The saugeye were anywhere from 16-18 inches on Friday, a smaller throwback or two in the mix.... same buddy picked up a few tonight that were around 20".

    Tim, if it grabbed your minnow, yanked and took off for the bottom, I'd put my money on a big cat, but then again I've caught saugeye that behave like cats, and cats that behave like saugeye.... never know!
  6. Just to add my 2 cents...went out friday night between 7pm-12....caught 2 channel cat's on worms about 12-14inches and 1 pearch and 1 white bass. All fishing tight line. It was okay but the bite was slow. Started out trolling but had not luck at all. Fished the south side before the first bridge. I'm going to give the crawler harness' a try this week. I was trolling shad raps w/ no luck.
  7. I fished Saturday night from 8p till 2am then fell asleep when I woke up my lines were cleaned so I went home zero fish. I thought there was suposed to be a meteor showers but I didn't see any of course I was asleep.