Hoover Report 7/3 & 7/4

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    Decided to chance it and hit the water last night (7/3) around 6:00. Tried vertical jigging in a few locations with nothing to show but a small perch. Littleking met up with me around 7:00 and after another 1/2 hour trying to coax something on jigs and leeches we gave up and broke out the trolling gear. By dark we had managed 2 keepers (16" & 17") and 2-3 dinks in the 10"-13" range. All fish caught on cranks in 7-10 fow. *The fish seemed to like it best when we kept in the 2.5-3.0 mph range.

    Invited my dad to go along with me this morning hoping the pattern would continue. Not 2 minutes into our troll dad had a big rip on his pole and judging by the bend a very good fish. Dad had him reeled in within 20 feet of the boat and let his rod tip slack and the fish spit the bait. Sure would have like to have seen that one. :( For the next 2 hours we boated over 1/2 dozen eyes, all smaller 10-13" dinks. Oh, and dad managed a 20" channel cat. Finally dad got a nice fat 18" eye as we trolled around the island near baldridge ramp. Called it a day just before noon. Definately worth it to see a smile on the old man's face today. :)

    *Of note, all the smaller fish were gorged on small shad. I've got several meat skeletons spit up all over the boat. :rolleyes: Also, the eye my dad got spit up the remains of a 5" shad in the livewell. As usual, they're eating qutie well. ;)
  2. well Goat it sounds like you at least got to do some battle with them and spending the morning with your dad was a added bonus.Always a pleasure to get out on the water at Hoover,very nice pond.

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    ah,you're catchin' on;)
    toad was there wednesday evening after puterdude and i left.the front finally turned on and they picked 8-10 eyes off one of our favorite spots that produced nothing earlier in the day:(
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    rick, try bumping the throttle on your trolling speed :)

    seems to of made a big difference to us
  5. misfit

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    we weren't trolling cranks;)