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  1. has anyone ever caught s-eyes on worm harness at night?
    i was out tues night till about 2am.
    any info would be great!!

  2. thanks...thats what i was thinking....
  3. For me, the spinner/harness/meat bite always seems to quit around dark or shortly thereafter. That's when I like switching to shad raps. This is at Alum mostly. Not sure if Hoover eyes are less particular.
  4. They quit at dark for me too. Seems strange that in the dead of winter they bite good at night but in the summer they seem to quit at dark. Or maybe they move so shallow we are fishing beneath them. My experiences have been mostly on Alum. Have also wondered if there just is a lull right at dark and then later they may pick back up but have never tested that theory.
  5. :( lately i havent caught anything on anything at hoover!lol
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    Sounds like a question for the man... :D

    Hopefully they are letting the rain we got yesterday stay in Hoover especially with the dry/hot weekend we are about to have... GL
  7. Yeah I hope they're going to keep some of that water in there too...It's so dang shallow left of the Walnut ramp there's an Island out there. I saw at least 2 boats run up on the sand bar where it pokes out...
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    as net mentioned,shafraps and other cranks will produce better after dark.not just at alum,but hoover as well.i'm sure this is true for other waters also.and fish will move shallower as well.
    as for poor saugeye success this year,don't take it personally because nobody else is having the action they're used to.as i mentioned before,pops are way down due mainly to poor survival rates of the past 2-3 years stockings.these include to at least some degree,predation,food supply,heavy harvests,weather/water conditions,etc.
    this has been confirmed by Jon Denlinger,who is in charge of Inland Lake Research for Div. of Wildlife.
    with water levels down,look for similar depth/structure to previously productive patterns.try casting jig/crawler also.
  9. right after the storm was over i went out catfishin on hoover...and no they had already opened the dam and let out about a foot of shore (off cubbage rd)