Hoover perch

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  1. Fished LOTW this morin and got 12 yellow perch all in the 6 to 8 inch range. Also got 4 white bass and 3 crappie. Biggest white bass was 14 inch. tight lines.....
  2. Juan More Fish

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    Thats cool.
    Didnt know we had something else to fish for there.:)

  3. topwaterdevil

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    Biggest white bass was 14'

    Whoa man, surprised you got that thing in the boat ;)
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    I was fishing with my father and brother a few weeks ago and my father caught 2 yellow perch in the 6-8" range as well. Fishing a worm on the bottom in about 5-7' of water from the bank. I was under the impression that there is not a "fishable" population of them in Hoover. In fact, I was lead to believe that they are classified as a bait fish there, comparable to shad. Could the population be booming?
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    perch ave been caught there for years.some years it's hard to keep them off my harnesses when trolling for eyes.they're all over the lake.