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Hoover On Friday....decent Day

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by eye4neye, May 24, 2004.

  1. A Buddy And I Went To Hoover On Friday...we Got There About 7:30 And Got 0ut On The Lake...started Trolling N Tots, And Some Other Baits, And I Got One Fish On A Green Colored Crankbait....then I Decided To Throw A Huge Pearl Colored Jig I Had In The Box, And They Really Liked That....i Caught 9 And Probably Missed About 7-8 Hits, And My Buddy Caught 3 And Missed Several Other, And Also Lost A Couple At The Boat...theyr Eally Liked That Huge Fat Jig, Bounced It Hard Off Of The Bottom With 2 Hard Jigs Then Let It Fall And All The Hits Came On The Fall....1/4 Ounze In About 8-10 Foot Of Water....hope This Helps Out A Little Bit...unfortunately I Forgot The Darn Camera...also, We Caught Some Really Nice Crappies About 1 Oclock ----and That Is Where I Saw A Ton Of Cicadas,,,in The Trees, In The Boat And All Over The Water........tony