Hoover, My adventure with Misfit

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  1. Our trip started at 5:30 am today when I picked up Misfit and together we headed to Hoover.After getting our supply of Minnows & Nightcrawlers we headed to RedBank Harbor launch ramp. We started our day trolling hardnesses on one of Misfit's favorite areas and made quite a few passes with only a small gill for our efforts. We than ran up the lake to another Misfit favorite area and started trolling harnesses again and imediately Misfit nailed a 14 incher before I could get my hardware down.We both though hmmmm maybe we are onto something.After a few passes our trolling motor started going slower and slower,our fishfinder died and we discovered what I had thought was a good battery was actually toast.We decided to use the 6hp Suzuki and I was graced by our first keeper ,a nice fat 16 incher.We made several more passes with no results and Misfit suggested we try another spot for crappies when BAM ,I nailed a nice fat 21 incher.I netted the puppy and presto,the fishes gill sliced through a fairly new net like butter and landed at my feet in the boat,still attached to the harness.I fished the rig though the now ruined net and iced down the fish at which time we noticed another boat coming our way.They witnessed the catch and aimed directly at the spot.We made our usual turn an started back on the path we were trolling and here comes the boat right at us unguided by it's occupants slamming right into us.Ops the guy said with anchor in hand.I asked are you anchoring right here,He said yep.I said but we are and have been trolling here for hours.he said well it's a free lake,keep trolling.Misfit tried to reason with the man calmly.I was stewing and building steam.I yelled ,how about some common courtisity A**hole, He mumbled free lake again,Now I was really po'd.I than said how bout I just walk on this water over there and thump your ignorant A**.He never uttered another word and we than made every pass as close to his boat as possible so they could only fish within a foot of thier boat till they left 20 minutes later.Our totals for the day 2 keeper saugeyes, 8 dinks,numerous small crappies and bluegills,2 cats,1 whitebass and 2 tired sunburnt senior citizens still full of pee & vinegar but happy to just get out.
  2. We all should start posting pics of people like that, use a little peer presure.

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    probably the same jerk that set up by us at alum and said its a FREE LAKE I CAN BE WHERE I WANT FREE LAKE !!!!!!
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    I have noticed this year more than ever, people with little to no courtesy. I guess there was some tournament last Friday, I was out with my sons fishing for bluegill and another boat came along and started casting within feet of our boat. I just gave them a dirty look and they kept moving. Again I was out on Hoover tonight and when I got my first keeper LM then another boat came right on over and started fishing the same spot. I just said "Hey man, I wouldn't do that to you." He said the same thing, "It's a free lake". It's a shame people have to be that way.
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    Don't you all know that is what the flare gun is for. I use mine when ever needed. one across the bow will do the trick. If more fishermen would take a stand, we'd all be dealing with fewer dip sh*ts.
    You got a flaregun, use it!!!
  6. I like Leupy's idea.think I'll just start taking photo's of the jerks and posting them on here.Get closeup's of thier faces and boat numbers and all.Be more legal than whipping thier butts or shooting a flare gun at them.Misfit and I both were so mad for sure.After it was over Misfit told me he thought about saying,I'll pay the fine to see you walk on the water ,go ahead walk over there.Now thats a good buddy:p
  7. misfit

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    we didn't have a flare gun,son:(
    the ignorance and inconsideration of some people never ceases to amaze me.
    3000 acres,3 boats and they pick us:rolleyes:
    it was beavis and butthead meets grumpy old men.
    i was kinda hoping the jerk would have said something else,cause i really wanted to see puterdude's walking on water trick:D
    i think a long gaff would make a good addition to the boat.
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    How stupid. Like that's the only place in the lake where fish are biting. My brother and I run into that when we fish shore sometimes too. We can be in a place for an hour or two and then someone decides they want to crowd you out from a boat or on shore and then it starts. Take a clue people. Be courteous and give people their space. I like the idea of putting up the pictures of the jerks as well. The flare thing seems a little much to me.
  9. I would not actually do this, but it sure would be tempting to send a couple big waves their way...you know-free lake and all.
  10. misfit

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    we thought about that one,but decided a 6 hp motor doesn't throw too much of a wake:D;)

    the same thing has happened to me several times at hoover.especially on that spot.clueless jerks see me pull fish,and run right in on top of me.couple years ago i threatened to ram a guy who did the same thing in the same spot.he got the hint real fast when i kept coming and wouldn't change my course.
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    Sad to say I'm not surprised. I was out with Starcraft last year and the same thing happened to us. We pulled a nice 24" eye (first one in over an hour of trolling mind you) and by the time I had it netted and in the boat 2 other boats had swarmed the area where we hooked it, dropped anchor and began fishing. :confused:

    With idiots like this, its no wonder why some anglers won't talk about spots/tips/methods to those they don't know.

    BTW - I like the camera idea and if it happens again I'll be sure to post some pics. :p
  12. I have to say I'm a little disappointed in this adventure. There were no hooks in fingers, lines caught in trolling motors, beaching the boat on accident, 500 pounds worth of fisherman on the transom trying to get it unstuck or get the lines out of the prop. You two need to get back out there and try and do better. :D Congrats on the fish.
  13. ShaneR

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    I agree, lets all take pictures of them and post them on here! That will be fun!
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    Taking pictures of these idiots would be a great idea. Just have a place on the front page for idiot of the month or even week....LOL

    It has happened to me just before dark before. We was bowfishing and it seems the guy who came right over didn't know that. We was pulled over into some trees near Galena taking a break, while my son was seeing a few crap and shooting them. This boat came over seeing the fish splashing around and parked his boat about 25 feet from us. He parked to where we couldn't get back out to the lake. Also gave us the spill that it is a free lake crap. Then said for us to find a way around because he was fishing here. Needless to say after some choice words my buddy picked up his bow with an arrow in it and then the guy decided he didn't want to fish there anymore. I just don't understand people at all. I wish I did take his picture.
  15. Some of you seem to be getting quite aggressive with idiots. Idiots have guns too. And unlike any sane person they actually pull the trigger get themselves arrested.

    I do like the taking pic idea.


    Not to change the subject, because the same thing has happen to me this year. Has any one else notice this year that more and more people are just backing their boats into the water and leaving them where no one else can back down into the water until they get back then move their boat.
  17. misfit

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    crestliner,i haven't fished hoover much this year,but i've seen lots of that there for a long time.toons and sailboats more,but plenty of fishermen too.with the long docks,there's no excuse for it.baldridge is bad because of the crappy dock there.
  18. Capt.Muskey

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    Guys, The flare gun thing was a joke. But I do like the picture idea.
  19. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i like the flare gun idea better:p :D;)

    seriously,i'm about as easy as they come,but i've always frowned upon such idiots,and in my old age i have an even lower tolerance level of disrespectful and inconsiderate people.
  20. I still like my idea of walking on the water and thumping his ignorant butt,but you really have to be mad otherwise you sink too fast:p