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hoover monday 7/5

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by misfit, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    the day started off in the usual manner,with toad coming to the house and us getting the boat loaded and hitched up to lil' red.
    the rest of the day was a more or less,typical day on the water for the terrible twosome,with some of the typical misadventures,along with fun and fair fishing.
    the misadventures began when i hit the key,and the trusty mariner refused to come to life,which continued to be the case throughout the day :rolleyes:
    luckily,she doesn't take much coaxing with the rope.
    we hit a couple of our regular spots,which we found to be more congested than with boats than problem,cause the fish weren't too cooperative anyway.
    at the second spot,we were drifting,while trying to not interfere with others,when up the lake comes a couple,flatlining(with looong lines).they proceed around us in a circle,and suddenly i think i have a fish on.surprise!!the trollers had caught my line,which couldn't have been out more than 15-20 feet from my boat :rolleyes:
    when they came back in front of us,i managed to flip my line i=off his,only to discover he was also tangled with toad,lol.
    we proceed to pull alongside while the guy tries to undo the mess to no avail.finally he asks toad "did you make this harness?"
    after informing him that he indeed did make it,the guy than asks "do you mind if i cut it?"(the harness,not the line),to which toad politely responds "i'd rather you not" ,lol.after a bit more work the guy(not really wanting to)decides it might be best to cut his own superbraid.good thinking guy.
    well,that was ourfirst hint to try another of my favorite spots,which was desserted.
    when we arrived,i immedis=ately put two eyes in the both,on consecutive casts.we then proceeded to troll a small area,by which time we had the company of a few more boats.guess i should have done an underwater release on the blind side of the boat,lol.though the others were courteous,another couple saw us trolling back and forth about 20 feet from the bank,and made a beeline in our i was making my turn for another pass,they pulled right up to the bank.we just continued our routine,and they moved before i made another pass.glad they didn't park in my path,as i told toad he made end up in their boat when i unwittingly rammed them ;)
    well,the day had it's moments,with a few good laughs,and after catching 12-15 eyes on that spot,we decided to get out of the sun and load the boat.
    fortunately,i don't have any "ramp stories" to add. :)
  2. If that little bit of line tangle and close in fishing bothered you, Mosquito is not the place you want to fish. :D Sometimes, you could walk from one Jerk's boat to another Jerk's boat without worring about getting wet. :rolleyes: I'll be calling you next week for a Hoover trip followed by an Erie Trip. :cool:

  3. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    lol.if that's the case,i'd better stay off mosquito :eek:
    but if i did fish it i would probably not be the only "casualty" if the idiots got out of hand ;)
    even with the slight inconveniences i (and no doubt others)encounter now and then,hoover is about as idiot proof as it gets :)
    there is the rare occasion when i or someone else may unintentionally screw up,but i try my best to keep an eye out and not let that happen.when it does happen with me,it's generally due to dealing with a problem in the boat,and losing focus momentarily :eek: ,lol.

    i'll be waiting for the call........................anytime :cool:
  4. I know the day I fished with Misfit there was a guy that came pretty close to us and almost if he did not go over Ricks line. I thought I was going to have to fish Rick out of Hoover because he was going to go after the guy. It's a good thing the guy went a different way on the way back through. I think there were a couple of times we were going in circles because Rick was messing with the fish I caught to keep it alive. :D