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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BassBlaster, May 27, 2007.

  1. As alot of you know by now, I really got into Crappie fishin this year and I'm lovin it!! By reading the reports here everyday, it's sounding like I need to try my luck at Hoover. If the rain that's moving in this evening dosn't screw everything up then I'll be heading to Hoover in the morning. I'll be fishin in my little Pelican boat. I need to know where is a good place to put in where I won't need to travel to far to get on fish? I have never been on this lake before and know nothing about it. I don't want anyones honey holes, just some ideas and a little direction. Thanks!!
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    you should be able to find fish within easy reach of any of the ramps.sounds like they're still shallow,so just look for shoreline brush/trees.fish in or around it.if youdon't connect,move out to nearby deeper water.
    check your pm's.

  3. I would launch at Oxbow.... all of those islands around there right now are holding fish... Thius will not last too much longer as the big females have moved shallow... I expect that we have a week at best small males will stay around a little longer but the bruisers will be gone...Good luck!
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    oxbow ramp is tricky sometimes. atleast it was last time i used it/