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hoover friday am 06-29

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Danshady, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. hit up hoover from about 8a-3p today and was a long day fishing. hit a couple LITTLE crappies a a few little gills. my buddy got those, fished with worms and minnows all day. i was tryin for bass or eyes, trolled some harnesses, threw topwater, spinners, shallow cranks, deep cranks, jig and pig, twister tails, jiggin spoon..... and fished every depth of water from 4ft-30ft. marked a ton of fish in the 10-15 ft of water and there were a little bit a activity with the baitfish early on topwater. ive had better days! where do them sneaky bass hide on that lake?????? we had at least 4 other boats troll right by us and some were goin for eyes and some were goin for crappies, but i really didnt see any fish brought in.
  2. I had a few small hits on a red an silver spinner bait . The only thing i caught were carp 23" 32"an 26".

  3. I Fished Hoover 4 pm - 9:30 pm. Trolled and drifted a fair amount with no luck on the saugeyes. Caught 3 small bass - 2 fishing a Yum Dinger wacky style and one drop shotting a Yum Dinger wacky style. One bass shallow in a cove; the other two off rip rap. Pretty slow night for me too.
  4. ok so im not the only one who had a slow day. ill tell ya though, we catch bass off the riprap like crazy at alum, anywhere theres rocks theres a bass. at hoover i punished those rocks yesterday, in about three places, and nada!
  5. Didn't you realize that Misfit probably was there B-4 U? That's why U didn't catch anything...............

    I was there about 2 weeks ago and caught quite a few Crappie. Then the next day got nothing at all.

    Go figure.:D
  6. haha, that what i hear, what were we thinkin tryin to get them fish to bite something besides a roadrunner on ricks lake!
  7. That's no joke. I had a slow but steady day yesterday with the bass using a roadrunner. I normally get into some SM, but only LM this time out. Harvested a 2.5 pounder. It was beat to death. Missing an eye, scarred up, chunk out of its back and some small red splotches. Probably from the spawn and a parasite. Normally would have been set free. The plastic of choice was a tequila sunrise worm. Fish loved it but only after smaller fish bit the tail off. Wouldn't touch a craw no matter how I presented it. On my way out, I hooked into about a 2.5-3 pounder on a 3" white grub. So shocked I forgot to set the hook. It went airborne at least 3 feet as I was about to net it. Fun to watch. I was fishing the rocks mostly. But did get a couple smaller ones off some weeds. I'm guessing you might have to go small with lures right now.
  8. did you happen to be up north spidey? i didnt venture up there, i was just wondering if it was really shallow all around up there.
  9. No rain like this for a couple weeks now to speak off. Gotta be real shallow.

    I was out on O'Shay yesterday at 6 a.m. to 12 noon and I seen water marks that were a foot to 2 feet higher than the water was . I usually fish a certain spot and the weeds weren't even in the water at all.

    Need about 3 days of steady rain to bring it back up, And my lawn too.
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  10. I fished the middle of the lake. Haven't been north since mid May. Talked to a couple fishermen who said it was extremely low who had been there in the past couple of weeks.
  11. Capital outdoorsman

    Capital outdoorsman day late, dollar short

    I was up at Hoover Saturday morning and I had a similar day. Marked more fish than ever. Fished from about 5ft all the way to 40ft and then back again. Couldn't even get crappie to bite. In 4 hrs I caught 6 crappie using minnows and jigs and roadrunners. Hoover has been tough this year. The only exciting thing was someone almost ran their boat directly into me. when they got 20 ft from me I had to start yelling cuz I don't think he saw me.
  12. Probably the same guy that trolled by me and didn't see me either. I had to yell at him too. Had the bow up in the air and he was sitting on the back of a 14' aluminum boat while trolling. I was straight across the lake from Red Bank.

    He had 6 rods out while trolling. I still don't understand that. Someone explain that to me. I thought you could only fish with 2 rods?
  13. I took a boat ride with my wife Sunday and only caoght one small cat 16" while drifting and casting for eyes. I also caught a teenage couple who were out in a canoe, with all the wind there was I had my wife watch them, the lake was choppy due to the wind sure enough they turned over right in the middle. We got them boarded and towed the canoe to the shore, the girls mom was waiting, I am glad I was not her.