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  1. went out fishing at hoover monday atfer work went down below the dam caught 1 saugeye 23inch 4lbs bad thing i hooked it in the cheek so i did the right thing and let it go.. i new to fishing this area i was hopein to get some pointers on whats the better techniques and good producing spots.. im not expecting anyones secrets just some good pointers to get me in the right direction i can further from there..good fishing to all

  2. just like my name i fish for everything depends on what time of year it is my fav. species is smallmouth and catfish but my buddy got me hooked on freezin my butt off for eyes in the winter time
  3. Try the Mad river or Clearfork. They are good winter spots for trout. The Olentangy north of Home road is good for smallmouth and panfish. The bite starts @ mid april depending on the weather.
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    As far as Crappie, Hoover was producing good numbers in sizes this year. Crappie are so cyclical. I would expect it to maintain this upcoming year, provided we get water. Great fishing in spring in the north section in shallow cover. When I fish crappies I either uses minnows or roadrunners. Usually a combination. I have heard several times that small tubes and crappie nibbles work well. All the reservoirs have good amounts of crappie.

    Hoover is fairly underrated for bass. I've caught a number of decent size bass throughout the lake. My personal best smallie came off of a point near twin bridges. I think Griggs and Alum are a bit more popular as far as bass go but everyone has their favorite places. Alum probably has the better smallie population.

    I'll defer to others on saugeye because I am a novice there. I've heard the best time to troll for em is in late may/early june. Hoover, Alum and probably buckeye have the better populations of saugeye.

    As far as catfish they're everywhere. I've caught a number of good size ones all over Hoover. I've also caught a couple of gigantic ones in O'shaughnessy. Most of the catfish I've caught have been with a minnow or a crawler.
  5. i've only caught a handful of fish at hoover (just moved here end of july 2008) like the guys said below, the crappie are plentiful. I too am in the process of finding good holes (from shore) to get some eyes and some decent bass.

    good luck out there...try under the Smother's Road Bridge area for bass and crappie.
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    When does Hoover freeze over and is it ever thick enough to ice fish?
  7. Im not positive but i am not sure you are allowed to ice fish on Hoover. Someone will let you know for sure
  8. well thanks for all the input so far. i have found a few spots for catfish last summer..some ppl tell me that below the dam is a nice spot for eyes.. when i was there yesterday in the rain everything above smoothers had ice. shad r dyin off big time too...
    mostly looking for bank fishing areas wont be till this late spring till i can even think bout boating
  9. im planning on heading out there on sunday to catch some saugeye. i'll post up my results when i can.
  10. As far as the spot to fish for eyes below hoover is near the island which is a couple hundred yards down stream from dam. If not wading park below spillway and walk away from dam there is two areas to cast from bank into the honey hole.
  11. just got back from hoover...

    went to the dam to test my luck (becareful out there it's really icey)

    had a couple bites landed 2 small ones. gonna be going out to ft loramie next saturday.