Hoover Fishing Seminar Big Winner!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by 74chrysler, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Somehow I managed to win a Falcon rod ($90.00) and a St. Croix rod (70.00) among the 300+ people that were there! SWEET! I had a great time to say the least. BIG thanks to Jim Horan for all the hard work!
  2. Are these baitcast rods? Do you want to sell and give me a good deal? I didn't win nothing! hahaha! The reason I ask is I'm cosidering buying a St Croix triump...

  3. They are both spinning rods.
  4. congrats on the big win, now we can just hope for a fish on the end.lol
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    74chrysler deserved to win those. I talked with him on the way out and he made a nice donation to their fishing club in the way of lots of raffle tickets. That was my first time at that seminar and I really enjoyed it. I've only fished hoover for 1 year but it quickly became my favorite. I'm possitive that I'll have more productive trips after attending the seminar last week. Didn't win any prizes though but got some sweet GPS way points!;)