Hoover Crappie activity with this cooler weather

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BigDCat, Apr 29, 2008.

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    Hey Guys......

    I'm an out-a-towner who works in Columbus during the week, and then returns home to Canton on the weekends.

    I took a drive up to Hoover the other day and talked to a couple of people bank fishing for Crappie in the timber with decent success.

    I want to get out this week, but I'm guessing this 2-day snap of cooler weather will drive a lot of those shallow fish back out into deeper water.

    Please post any results of folks fishing shallow and having success Tuesday and Wednesday. That will help me decide what I am going to do on Wednesday and Thursday. Thanks !!
  2. NewbreedFishing

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    water temps are too warm now...i doubt that most crappie would pull back out to channels. was told that most will stay shallow and be dead tight to cover...

    thanks to the little bird that sent me that message

  3. misfit

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    they can and will move out.they will also dig in deep,LOL.even at this time of year.i know that isn't a lot of help,but it's true.i've found both scenarios in these conditions.was also catching them in both places on sunday.some people say they hold tight,but i just can convince myself that is always the case.many times when a high presure system moves in(sometimes after a cold front)they will move out and suspend in deep cover.
  4. I'm going to admit it now Newbreed, you were right. I thought for sure the crappie would pull out of cover a few feet after Tuesday's and Wednesday's temp plunge. Dang if those feisty males weren't exactly where you said they would be. Smack in the middle of cover in 1 to 3 feet. When I found the bush they were in, I couldn't keep them off the line. They were certainly in protect-my-turf spawn mode.

    Maybe this is why I need to keep a journal when I fish rather than relying on my faulty memory. Usually after a cold or chilly rain, I have difficulty getting aggressive fish shallow. Just the one off here and there and had to go to deeper water to get a consistent bite. It may have occurred earlier in the year or the cold front lasted longer. Dunno or remember at this point.

    If I hadn't read this thread I certainly would have abandoned bush all together after I came up empty on the first three brush piles. Especially after I got 3 dinks fast in 10 feet of water. Ok, first journal entry...
  5. i hit up hoover today, wow muddy water, but very warm though. the crappies were indeed shallow, but finicky, very light bite with the exception of a few dummies...but they were holding out in the front of the bushes not deep in them, hit 3-4 spots two of which i killed them last year and nothing...and checked on a spot misfit pointed me towards and got into a whole bunch of them probaly 35-40 including a 13.5 f.o. of which are all still in there for the catching!!!!
  6. misfit

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    glad to hear my advise actually paid off,and you got on some fish,dan.:)
  7. [QUOTEglad to hear my advise actually paid off,and you got on some fish,dan][/QUOTE]
    it was pretty cool, my fiancee caught the 13.5 f.o. so that was great, and we landed a whole bunch of 10's-12's. she is never with me on the days i kill em so it was good to put her on some fish instead of her nose buried in a book! im sure the other places i hit up last year will turn on this week, there were a few small ones just out on the outside of the bushes there, they will move right up in there soon. also they might have there, but the water clarity was horrible up north today and they were biting really light.
  8. [​IMG]

    fiancee's C&R 13.5 crappie from hoover on sunday. took my pic with it since im her own personal bait applier and fish releaser.
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    Nice slab right there. To bad she didnt hold the fish for a pic. I'm guessing she would look purtier then you! lol


  10. she sure is..lucky me! she has took some pics with fish before, but she swung it into the boat about right into my lap and then by the time i unhooked it and gave it a second look, then decided to give it a quick measure, she had the camera out, cuz i thought it was close to 13..it was time for it to take the plunge back in!
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    What's Going On At Hoover Spill Way? Crappie Or Walleye Happening Anywhere On The Lake?