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  1. Can anyone provide some input about the water conditions at Hoover? Is it too muddy to fish?
  2. Was there at lunch today, never too muddy to fish when the sun is shining! Visibility however was maybe like 6" . I was at Sunbury road bridge area. Few other people there and a couple of boats and kayaks out

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    Water is still pretty cold. Temp on discharge water read 46 yesterday.
  4. It's never too muddy to fish. That's like being too drunk to fish. Impossible. Fish shallow. Use dark colors. Black is best. Fish slow and/ or fish baits with lots of vibration. Fish gotta eat even if the water is muddy. If muddy water kept fish from eating all the fish in Buckeye would have starved.
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  5. Hoover is about as high as it gets. This is your chance to catch fish in someones back yard. Lot's of flooded wood. It should be fun tomorrow. Ramps are in.
  6. Thanks for the info.
  7. I spent saturday in north pool as shallow as I could get. found some water at 56 degrees and had a few bites. Something kept stealing the shad off my hook, but never got him.
  8. I gave it a try on Saturday. Various areas. Fishing for bass and nothing.
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    Thanks. What types of presentations?
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    Anyone have a quick update on the water clarity as of today?
  11. We tried about everything. Jigs, worms, cranks, spinners, swimbaits--nothing. My son got one bite which was more than other folks we talked to.
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    Thanks, Ron.

    Anyone have a recent temperature reading for Hoover?
  13. I drove past two days ago and it was pretty muddy.
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  14. Got 2 crappie yesterday at Red Bank with black/green lure, tried minnows without a bite. Fish were still at 20-30' water.
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    After the last few sunny days with daytime highs around 80 since Tuesday it wouldn’t surprise me to learn surface temperatures on area lakes have jumped. Anyone been out on Hoover recently with a temperature reading? Thanks
  16. Lot's of whitecaps going on today. Don't know the temps, but looked cold.
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    Got out to Hoover this AM. North pool. Surface temperature was 61 rising to 67 by the time we turned in. Found the crappie and white bass willing to strike a lure. Not a meat hunter so threw them all back.
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  18. Also had some pretty good luck on Saturday. Minnows in shallow water. Better size than last year and almost no small ones.
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  19. Was out North pool today(Tue. 5/8)
    Water was stained/dark/some what dirty.
    Temps were up--71 by mid afternoon.
    Crappies will bite--mostly 10" and a few shorts.
    I did not get them in the brush/wood. They are hanging out in front quite a bit.
    Bass had lockjaw. Only one pickup.
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  20. Went North again today (Wed 5/9). Thought crappie would still cooperate. Wrong !!! Wind was absolutely terrible.
    Water temps 65-67.
    Lot of pollen and tree droppings making the water really dirty close in to the brush.
    Had my life jacket on for a very rough ride back to the ramps.
    Tomorrows another day.
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