Hoover cats

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by seethe303, Aug 31, 2007.

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    well, I hit Hoover tonight for a few hours for some cats.

    did pretty well for just fishing a few hours. two nice cats at 22" and 24". they were both put back to grow into fishohios so I can catch them then!

    they both came on shrimp. I was fishing a windblown point right near the channel. It was surprising how cold it was out there.

    These are my first Hoover cats, so I am pretty excited. I have fished this area before with only runs and no hookups. After experiencing the runs of these fish I am thinking whatever was hitting my bait before was not a catfish. Maybe turtles or gar. These fish just SLAMMED the shrimp and didn't stop running till I set the hook.

    here are some pics, the first two are of the smaller one, and the last one is the 24". sorry about the quality, they were taken from a camera phone using a lantern as light:




    in between catching the catfish, I was eating some of my girlfriend's pasta salad, so I consider it a successful night. mostly because of the cats, though. heh.