Hoover bite

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by cubsfan, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Bite is on seems like it is between 10-11am after that shuts down got there today at 10:45 first cast large mouth third cast 24 1/2 inch pig of a saugye. Had one other eye follow twister to bank and it sat there in two feet of water right below me but would not take.Then all shut down so i called it a day.
  2. CUBSFAN- I was fishing on West side, south segment, several days in the last week...getting crappie, small bass, occasional blue gill, but lately the crappies are smaller...using 1/16 jig with tube bait, blue/silver...yesterday caught three in about an hour...where are you fishing from?

  3. I was out there today from 11am-2pm couldn't find a good spot from shore other than smothers road bridge...ended up with some small crappies.

    it's ridiculous how low the water level is. I did take some pictures that i'll post soon. Also found a butt load of new lures and other misc. tackle that I found and i got to retrieve all my lost inline spinners lol.
  4. Same area southern west side but throwing chartruse and christmas light color twisters.