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  1. I am new to the Columbus area and live about 3 minutes from Hoover so I am looking to fish it quite a bit. I don't have a boat but am looking for some good places to bank fish for crappie and bass at Hoover. Does anyone have any tips?

    Thanks Captain Hook for the tip to this website.
  2. Just got in from Hoover and gonna post a report.
    Its slow Right now due to the weather conditions.
    It was cool about a week ago and fish started
    fall feeding, but thanks to the hot temps this week
    with a chancing barometer (dancing) they seem to be off the feed.

    Banking there can be difficult, but try the rip rap (rocks)
    around bridge pilings and fish kinda deep.

    Road runners and vibees are good choices for hard baits.

    Hope this helps. any body else got some tips ?

    Capt. Hook

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    Iam a hoover banker and its all about timing conditions have to be right for a good bite. Stable weather for 2-3 days and its on. U can fish anywhere right now with the water being so low. Try the many points that extend out towards the creek channel. Rip rap areas should hold LM and Sm bass along the shoreline. They love them crawdads. Crappie might still be holding deep within 2-3 weeks the fall bite will heat up.

    With the water so low not sure how productive fishing the bridges would be the pilings are almost up to the rocks:)
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    I'm a bank fisherman as well. Looks like the weather should cool down by Friday. Hopefully, the fishing will be better by then too.
  5. With the water so low you there's beach everywhere so you could practically walk the whole shoreline. I've never seen it this low before but I've only been on it for a few years. Fish are still biting though. For you Hoover experts, is
    -11 FOW abnormal for this time of year? My local pond is down a couple of feet and I can literally walk the whole shore. Kinda nice
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    it's not abnormal,but no a regular occurance.05 was almost identical to this point,but it's getting lower now.most years it will flucuate and can drop 5-7 feet.
    here's a chart showing daily levels and levels of some pst years.you'll notice one year(late 80")it was down 22-24 feet.i couldn't find water north of the sunbury bridge.
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    Normal i would say for summer time. Last few years its been like this expect it is even lower this year.