Hoover bank fishing spot?

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  1. I have never been to Hoover yet. Normally fish Alum or Delaware. If someone could share a good spot to bank fish i would greatly appreciate it. Doesn't have to be a hot spot, just looking to catch some panfish i think. Just need enough room for me and co-worker to fit into. Pm's work too if you don't want to share with everyone as well.
  2. misfit

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    try the rip rap along both bridges.easy access and the crapppies and white bass should be found in those areas now,along with the occasional saugeye,channel cats and bass.

  3. Capital outdoorsman

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    I just caught a bunch of 7 inch sunnies off the rip rap between baldridge ramp and the bridge on sunday (didn't keep em). You can cath anything in that area. Even got a FO catfish. Under the bridge you can do well on crappies. I also caught a nice snapping turtle there on my ultralight, although you may not want to target those things.:p
  4. Whats rip rap never heard of that before?

    ...and thanks for the info !
  5. misfit

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    rip rap=the big boulders along the water's edge along the roads and bridges.
  6. So you can catch saugeye from the rocks there?! How big? On what lure?
  7. misfit

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    well,the state record is over 14 pounds,so it could be possible to catch one at that big;)
    as for baits,your standard saugeye baits.jigs,crankbaits,jerkbaits,minnies,crawlers,etc.