Hoover 8/31/08

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    Went to Hoover this morning with seethe303. Fished from 6am-9am. Fishing was really slow. Water was stained. We were throwing artificials and crawlers and shrimp for cats. I drew first blood with a small lmb on a #8 x-rap. My first x-rap fish. A little later, seethe303 pulled up a nice flathead, apparently his first. I was impressed as I've never seen a flathead caught in person before. About an hour later, I had a really hard run on my cat rod. I lifted the rod and the fish dropped the bait. I was understandably upset. Starting to make me rethink circle hooks. Anyway, it was a nice time and I hope things turn on soon for some eyes. Here are the pics:



    Of course, both fish were released.
  2. X-raps = lot of fish. Gotta love the rapala X-raps!

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    haha I dunno about nice flathead, it was a baby! ;) But I am pretty psyched about catching my first one. Apparently they are reproducing in Hoover!

    had a good time Marshall.
  4. Hows the ramp accessability at Hoover with the low water level?
  5. the water is down but the ramps are not that bad. Red bank is still in good shape.