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hoover 8/19/04

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Gfhteen, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. well we got out on hoover just before the storm came up...we really didnt get that much of the storm, just some really strong winds and some rain....but we tried trolling for the firsttime and i really enjoyed it...the fish we re so active and we were getting bite after bite just b4 the storm and during the storm but soon as it calmed down we didnt get any more bites...oh well we had fun and did get to bring home 1eye,1 wb and 1 crappie.
  2. What kind of crankbaits do you use on hoover at this time of year?

  3. i never have used cranks at hoover b4 so i wouldnt know sorry
  4. but i do have a few qusetions about the worm fast should we be trolling them? and what do u do if ur not sure that the harness is bouncing along the bottom...thanks for any info on trolling i am new at it
  5. If you want to hold bottom with a worm harness or a crankbait you can use a long wire bottom bouncer and a leader of four to six foot off the bouncer to the lure. Use enough weight so your line is at 45 to 60 degree angle to the water when moving. You can let out and take in line as required to hold bottom as the depth changes. Saugeyes are bottom holders so you want to be 6 to 12 inches off the bottom with your lure. Another deadly method is leadcore but you are better off sticking with the bouncer to start.
  6. ok thanks alot.i really enjoyed trolling....think i found a new favorite thing to do lol. what if fish are suspended over deep water and u want to keep the rig at the level they are at?
  7. ohh....and why does it seem that the crappies love my worm harness, what all other fish can be targeted by trolling