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I dont know where to begin. I guess at the beginning.:D
The best part is my son came in from out of town to
go fishing with dad. Yes I get out with my grand daughter
"Sam" and my brother, off and on and even alone sometimes,
but its really special when HE comes to town.

I sorta re-live memories from when he was a youngster and
the many trips in our small canoe to streams and the old
Delaware ponds, bass fishin. (A hint to all dads to take kids fishing)

O K off to Hoover ! We put in at Red Bank. No "misfits" yet and
I dont want to mess up today. While walking down from parking
I noticed a lot of surface action just north of the ramp and started
rubbing my hands together. WHITE BASS and some immediate action.
:p So on with some Vibe`s (thanks Misfit) we were rewarded with the expected results. Although it was slower than in the fall it was fun and mostly small fish. 6--10 inches. Scattered in a large area. So we,,,

Kicked on the 9.9 and took off :confused: to the north to some familiar haunts
(coves) that We like.

Results, some LM our target, mostly in the 12 to 18 inch range.
found them in limbs of submerged trees and on points with over
hanging trees. Lures consisted of Plas. worms, small spinners and Rapala`s and me on jig and pigs and buzz baits. Effective worms were blue fleck
and black. Jig and pigs blue/black with blue frog trailer. Buzz baits were
larger models with the long shank hook chartreuse an white. No trailer hook needed.
Score. Buzz baits win, with one very exciting event. Way back in a deep
cove in skinny water something took my buzzer and stayed under water.
no real id was available, a short glimpse of the back with blue/green and black markings led to a debate of either a very large bass or maybe a northern pike or even a muskie. What else would grab a buzz bait in shallow water 1 ft deep and grassy ? Oh yes he shook it rather quickly thus the lack of I D.:mad:
Thanks for reading the musings of an old man with a ton of memories
and loves fishing.

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Another fish to consider in that habitat that would strike that bait is a gar. Hoover is full of them and by that description that would be my guess. I've had gar strike topwater before. Nice report.

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souds like a fun day for sure,tom:)
glad to see you liking those vib-e's for the white bass.it is definitely my favorite for those white bass.casting to those surface busting schools or vertical jigging the deep ones is a total blast.they just crush those things:D
my guess on the mystery fish is a big saugeye.they're known to go really shallow and will hit surface baits.
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