Hoover 7/25

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by SwollenGoat, Jul 26, 2008.

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    After many schedule conflicts and rainchecks this year Misfit and I were finally able to hook up and once again resume our chase for elusive Hoover 'eyes. With overcast skies we hit the water around 7:00 pm. Marked surface temps of 80 degrees and a soft westerly breeze gave the water a light chop. Seemed like a perfect night for fishing. 10 minutes into our first pass yielded a scrappy 12 incher to Misfit. We both thought this early fish was a sign of better things to come. However, the rest of the night proved uneventful save for anther 1 or 2 more of the baby 'eyes and a thick 15 inch smallie which would finish off the night.

    Other than a snagged crank that proved irretrievable, the night was relaxing, peaceful and devoid of any mis-adventures. ;) While the fishing was slow, good conversation and nice weather more than made up for it. Thanks for coming along Rick, look forward to doing it again soon.:)
  2. misfit

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    thanks again for sharing the evening,sean:)
    was a pleasure,even with the slow fishing.though my prediction of catching a fish in that spot came to pass,my incorrect assumption that ideal conditions would produce some good action proved you just never know.still couldn't have asked for a nicer evening on the water though.

    ps...........i think we were a day early,as i'm sure they would be jumping in the boat this evening:D;)

  3. What? no ems callings,no forgotten drain plugs,no attacks by flying squirrels,no loss rods,just a peaceful evening of tranquil fishing & fellowship,geeze ,The Misfit must be getting mellow as the summer goes on.:p
  4. SwollenGoat

    SwollenGoat Scourge of Hoover

    Strangely enough, as I recall the many times I've had Misfit out on my last 2 boats I have fortunately NEVER had any of the infamous mis-adventures he is known for. Perhaps I just have some lucky immunity.;)
  5. you best be knocking on some wood Goat,because when the Misfit bug bites you it will probably make up for loss time:p
  6. haha that happens to me all the time!!!!
  7. i was really upset for this weekend, thurs night, fri. sat am, were great days with the overcast and the lil storms passing thru, i missed all fishing this weekend for working 48 hours in 3.5 days. sucks
  8. danshady ,that not only sucks but should be illegal;)