hoover 7/2

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    once again,puterdude and i headed to hoover yesterday for a lesson in humility given by the saugeyes.at this time of year,my favorite presentaion is slow trolling and drifting harnesses on a slip sinker rig,which is what we stuck with.first spot yielded nothing.second spot yielded nothing.third spot..............you guessed it:eek:
    finally at the fourth spot,i boated a 12 incher(or was it the third spot,LOL).
    anyway,it wasn't long till i felt that tug again,and this time put a keeper in the boat.next up was puterdude with an even bigger keeper.after a couple more misses and puterdude losing two good fish due to bad line and knot failure,things went dead.a couple more hours produced nothing but increasing winds,making boat control difficult and tiring,so we called it a day.
    fish were caught on colorado blades and my favorite,gold smile blade.though we fished various depths,the depth of active fish we found was 7-8 feet on flats,not far from dropoff.
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    Nice report Rick. Seems like a lot of little ones being caught this year, which hopefully is a sign of good things for next year. Looks like weather will be hit and miss this holiday weekend. I know I'll try to hit it as hard as I can, and may slide over to Alum on Friday.

    Let me know your schedule and if you're up to dodging some raindrops. :D

  3. misfit

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    schedule is open.since my fat butt can't dodge the raindrops easily,i have raingear;)
  4. Raingear that he will most likely leave in his truck and sit in the rain until he is just as wet as the lake he is fishing on.:p